You Owe it to Us to Win this Car

Every automaker wants at least one car in its lineup that stirs passion. The Corvette. The Nissan GT-R. The Ferrari 458. As a buck-toothed, big-eared kid growing up in Wisconsin’s dairy farm country, I pined for the Lamborghini Countach, a fixture on bedroom posters of the 1980s.

Drumroll, Please…Big News from AMSOIL Announced at SEMA

72 Mustang Rendering

After months of planning, we’re pleased to announce our biggest sweepstakes giveaway yet. AMSOIL is excited to present the AMSOIL ‘Devoted to Protection™’ promotion that’s set to cause a stir and get people amped up for a chance to win a true American muscle car. In November 2016, we’ll award one lucky winner a fully

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