Mod Monday: Adventures with Team Mustang Girls

Goodguys Road Tour Team Mustang Girls

It was an eventful 2015 for Courtney Barber of Team Mustang Girls. We caught up with her recently to see what she’s been up to, and it turns out to be a whole lot. After starting a fairly minor restoration project on her ’65 Mustang last spring, it soon grew into a full-blown revamp of

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Five Low-Cost Vehicle Maintenance Tips

It’s Mod Monday, a good day to share a few practical tips while mentioning the modified ’72 Mustang we’re giving away in 2016. We’ve been sharing a few performance upgrades for older vehicles, and I thought it might not hurt to reference a few inexpensive maintenance tips to ensure your vehicles are running as designed.

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You Owe it to Us to Win this Car

Every automaker wants at least one car in its lineup that stirs passion. The Corvette. The Nissan GT-R. The Ferrari 458. As a buck-toothed, big-eared kid growing up in Wisconsin’s dairy farm country, I pined for the Lamborghini Countach, a fixture on bedroom posters of the 1980s.