Is an AMSOIL Preferred Customer (P.C.) Membership Worth It?

If you’re unsure how the AMSOIL Preferred Customer program can benefit you, here are six perks our P.C.s love.

1) AMSOIL Preferred Customers save money

Sure, we make some of the best synthetic lubricants on the market. But the biggest perk of being a Preferred Customer is saving up to 25 percent on AMSOIL products. If you spend more than $125 annually on oil, filters and other AMSOIL products, your P.C. membership pays for itself.

2) Get free shipping

AMSOIL Preferred Customers (excluding Alaska and Hawaii) get free shipping on orders of $100 or more ($130 in Canada). Who doesn’t love free shipping? Orders below those thresholds pay a flat rate of just $8.99 ($11.99 Canada).

3) Promotions

AMSOIL Preferred Customers get exclusive product promotions throughout the year, like getting a free product when you make a minimum order. That adds up to major savings when coupled with paying 25 percent less for AMSOIL products.

4) Free swag

We appreciate our customers and we show our love by sending free swag every so often to randomly selected Preferred Customers as a way to say “Thank You.” It’s a cool way to show our appreciation for choosing AMSOIL.

5) P.C. points

If you use AMSOIL products in your car, ATV, boat, lawnmower or anything else with an engine, you can rack up some serious points on your purchases. Every 50 points you earn gets you $1 off future purchases.

6) Rewards

It’s no secret that the people who love AMSOIL really love AMSOIL. Many go on to share the benefits of using AMSOIL products with their friends and family. When someone you refer makes his or her first purchase of AMSOIL products, we’ll award you 500 bonus points. Those bonus points add up to money off a future purchase, saving you even more.

Are you considering an AMSOIL Preferred Customer membership? Join now for as little as $10 for a 6-month membership.

Top 5 people who need to become an AMSOIL Preferred Customer

Still not sure if a P.C. membership is right for you? Here are 5 people who need to become AMSOIL P.C.s today.

1) The gearhead

You have your daily driver, your summer car and your project car. Or, maybe you have a classic pickup truck you drive around town or a ’69 Camaro you pull out for special occasions (like your local car show).

We develop synthetic lubricants with the same care and passion you’ve put into your vehicles. And, if our Product Guide can’t help you find what you need, our Technical Services team can (715-399-TECH).

They drive everything from restored street rods to restored John Deere tractors. Basically, they have the knowledge and expertise to help answer any questions you have.

2) The powersports fanatic

You own a snowmobile, boat, ATV, dirt bike or some combination thereof. If it has a powerful engine and handlebars, you’re interested.

We get that you push the limits when you’re out having fun because most of us do, too. We rigorously test our products to ensure they can handle the abuse you throw at them.

For example, check out how AMSOIL Synthetic Motorcycle Oil stacks up against the competition.

If you’re into UTVs, watch how AMSOIL Synthetic ATV/UTV Motor Oil handles the extreme heat hardworking UTVs must endure when you push them to their limit.

And, since we live in the heart of snowmobile country, we have firsthand knowledge of what it takes to protect modern sleds. Check out our Grizzly Lodge Torture Test in which we test AMSOIL INTERCEPTOR® Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil in a sled abused for a full season in the Canadian Rockies.

3) The racer

We love racing. We’re into rally racing, off-road desert racing, Snocross, sprint cars and more. We sponsor multiple teams and drivers, including Bryce Menzies, Scheuring Speed Sports and Brad Lovell, to name a few.

Our relationships with our drivers go beyond simply writing a check – our racers help us develop and test many of the AMSOIL synthetic lubricants that end up in your vehicles.

Unlike some companies, we don’t create special formulas for racers. The same products the pros use are available to you.

If AMSOIL synthetic lubricants are tough enough to protect their stock cars, race sleds, dirt bikes and other equipment, imagine what they can do for you.

Working on a car

4) The handyman (or woman)

For you, heaven is a garage full of tools; a lawnmower, string trimmer, car and the like to tinker with; and a Saturday afternoon void of interruptions. The garage is where you retreat to unplug from the world and energize yourself to the sound of a ratchet or air wrench.

As an AMSOIL Preferred Customer, you get all the AMSOIL products you need shipped right to your door so you can wrench to your heart’s content. P.C.s also enjoy free shipping while earning points on every purchase redeemable for future purchases.

Don’t forget our cool MyAMSOILGarage™ feature, a free online resource that lets you track all the maintenance you perform on your vehicles and equipment.

Tracker Marine/Bass Pro Shops Photography

5) The outdoor lover

Hunters and anglers have to get to their favorite spot before they can reel in a lunker or bag a trophy buck. A breakdown along the way ruins your hard-earned time on the water or in the woods.

Maintaining your vehicles and equipment with AMSOIL synthetic lubricants helps ensure you get to your destination and enjoy your time. Just ask professional angler Pete Maina. AMSOIL Preferred Customers save up to 25 percent on AMSOIL products, leaving a few extra bucks in your pocket to help buy that new fishing rod or hunting rifle.

Updated. Originally published Feb. 17, 2017.


  1. Being an old Gear-Head I love trying new stuff to help the performance of, not only my RAM and Challenger, but also my John Deere tractor!! The P.C. program has allowed me to ‘explore’ different AMSOIL oils, greases and even filters (AMSOIL filter replacement oil filters for a SRT MOPAR and John Deere filters) with reduced cost. Also, I maintain my mother’s ’06 Trailblazer so with the P.C. program it gives me the opportunity to do so with quality oil and filters with a reduced financial burden! I’d recommend this program to anyone looking to use the best in lubricants because of the reduced cost!

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