A Subaru BRZ Unlike Any Other

Heather K KRZThis twin-turboed Subaru BRZ gives girl power a whole new meaning. Owned by Heather Kuchta, this 2014 Subaru BRZ is the only one of its kind in the entire country to carry that extra boost. After purchasing it brand new in January 2014, Heather wasted no time in setting out to modify it and installed the twin-turbo with just 4,000 miles on the odometer.

Heather’s head-turning BRZ boasts custom everything, down to the straight pipe exhaust. The Garrett twin scroll turbos deliver an engine purr that signals the car’s arrival without having to be seen. It features a Walbro fuel pump and cooling system courtesy of Mishimoto, a well-known aftermarket parts company which is also a sponsor of the build. Other mods include custom paint job, coilovers, 18×9.5 Rota Grids, full lip kit, Spyder tail lights, Valenti reverse light, black housed headlights with demon eyes, VIS carbon fiber trunk and Seibon carbon fiber hood.

Up next for Heather and her BRZ is a stop at the Carlisle Import Kit Nationals May 20-22, so stop by if you’re in the area. She’ll be in the AMSOIL booth showing off her stunner, which is running on AMSOIL 5W-30 Signature Series Synthetic Motor Oil. We spoke to Heather to get a little background on the woman behind the build. Check it out below, then watch the video for a look at this one-of-a-kind BRZ on the road.

How long have you been a tuner enthusiast?

Since I was a child, growing up with parents at the race track and car showsHeather K BRZ Engine

Favorite modification?

That would have to be the custom two-tone paint.

What is it that makes this Subaru the only one of its kind?

There are no other twin-turboed BRZ setups in the US, and everything has been custom-made for this build.

You’re the president of Lowlyfe Car Club. Is it open to all makes or just Subarus?

It’s open to all makes and models, cars trucks and SUVs. We’ve been together since 2014, and we’re all a tight knit group of laid back friends I prefer to call family

What car shows do you and your members attend?

We attend larger and smaller scale shows around the MD, PA, NJ area. We will be attending Carlisle Import and Performance, OC car show, Elite Tuner, and several other larger and local shows.

Any stand-out awards or media coverage?

I have placed first at Import Faceoff, Mitsu VS, Subaru and a few other local shows thus far. I was featured at the Motor Trend International Auto Show in Baltimore this year in tuner alley.

What drives you?

I build to stand out, to be unique, to please me.

Any parting words?

I would also like to acknowledge my sponsors: Visionz Light Mods, A&A Photography, and AMSOIL. I would also like to thank Brady at Pure Automotive for helping me with all my fabrication and always being there through all my questions. Also longtime friend Jason Redifer for all my paint and body work. And finally, my husband Jim for his support through it all. Without all these people I wouldn’t have what I do today.

*Don’t be fooled by the title of this video; the second twin-turbo Subaru is an FRS model.


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