Daisy Quaker

Daisy Quaker is the Online Marketing Manager at AMSOIL. Her trusty Toyota takes a beating from her frequent road trips across the U.S. She’s switched to AMSOIL synthetic lubricants and loves how easy her car starts on the -30ºF winter mornings. Her dream car is a Jeep Wrangler. When she’s not learning about synthetic oil, or daydreaming about Wranglers, she is blogging about email marketing on her personal website.

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5 People Who Need to Become AMSOIL Preferred Customers

School bus with Tractor Wheels

So you love to rave about how AMSOIL synthetic lubricants boost your mpg, or how many miles you’ve gone with your 1992 Taurus, but if you’re not an AMSOIL Preferred Customer (P.C.) and you regularly buy AMSOIL products, you ain’t doing it right.

What Does Viscosity Mean (and How Does it Affect Your Engine)?

Kinematic Viscosity-Oil vs Honey

Why does honey flow more slowly than water? Because of the difference in its viscosity. Viscosity is the measure of a fluid’s resistance to flow. Water, for example, flows much faster than honey or maple syrup (if you prefer that in your morning coffee) when poured from a container. That’s because water has a lower viscosity.

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