Calling All Duramax LML Owners

Hopefully by now you may have seen some pictures of this diesel truck – our event truck that travels from Daytona Bike Week in Florida to the SEMA Show in Vegas to Snocross events in the Midwest.

After coming up with the best of the best modifications we then let our social media audience vote on what was done to the truck. We didn’t do any engine, tranny, or emission system mods. Yeah I know, boo hooo… But the truck needs to be 100% reliable and able to be fixed on the road at any Chevrolet dealership if something were to happen.AMSOILDieselTruck

Now that we’ve settled on that, let’s talk more about some of the pains we’ve run into as a result of today’s diesel pickup emission systems. Any of you run into these GM codes P0234 or P2459?  Apparently we are now popping these codes quite frequently. Did I forget to mention we did get to add a tuner. EFILive with tunes from Kory Willis at PPEI Custom Tuning. But we don’t really get to utilize much of the capability as you remember we are strapped with stock exhaust and no room to budge on engine mods. That tuner however has worked out for us very well as we discuss these engine codes.  At least we can read the codes, decipher what is going on, reset the codes and move on.

For those of you that haven’t experienced those codes, it sounds like it’s only a matter of time for you LML owners before you do. The P0234 is an over boost code that is a result from either wide open throttle, pulling heavy loads, or a glitch in a transmission shift that resulted in over boosting the engine. Since our truck didn’t lose engine power from the code, our deduction was that it was from a shift glitch. We reset the code and it hasn’t resurfaced yet.

So onto the P2459 code. That’s a DPF regeneration frequency code. If your DPF is regeneration more frequently than GM thinks it should, that code gets popped. A bit of research told us that many LML owners that pull loads are having this issue. So our truck that was designed to pull our 30ft trailer its whole life apparently will now be stuck with this code forever. I have yet to hear about any solution to this code other than resetting it. If any of you LML gurus have some experience and can enlighten us, please let us know.

I guess the moral of this short story is this, some cash plus one stock truck and a bunch of time does yield some headaches along the way but it looks great! Money can’t solve all your problems…  Or well, I guess in this case it could, but we might find ourselves in trouble with the DOT.

Check out the end result here on YouTube.

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