Check Out These Awesome Mods To Our ’72 Mustang Mach 1

Although we’re always excited about our ongoing introduction of new products, we’re also excited about our “Devoted To Protection™” Sweepstakes.

Editor’s note: Although the sweepstakes is over, you can follow the progress of our ’72 Mustang rebuild at the link above.

I was on hand to see it when we picked it up to bring it to the shop, and some lucky person will be driving a really sweet ride by year’s end.

Here’s a list of modifications to the car.

Engine build: $12,981
The stock engine had a hard time getting out of its own way. Low in power from the factory and 34 years of wear and tear made it clear an engine build had to be done. Now, the Mustang can live up to its name – and with a mild compression ratio, meaning any standard pump gas is all it needs.

Wilwood brakes and related components: $2,200
Now that the Mustang has a proper power plant, we need a way to slow it down. Four piston calipers with drilled and slotted rotors fit the bill. Remember, all aspects of a car build need to be on the same level. With power comes responsibility.

Afco double-adjustable billet shocks and new front and rear suspension components: $3,090
Handling has come a long way in 44 years. These upgraded components help the driver feel comfortable and safe. Builder Greg Friedrich knows whereof he speaks in this area, having built road-worthy speedsters that he’s raced at the Bonneville Salt Flats. These upgrades also allow for better handling at higher speeds.

Fuel system: $970
We have to feed the horses. When an engine makes more power, it requires more air and fuel. Now, it will be safe and reliable.

Rear gear and posi: $1,500
With a fresh set of gears and locking positraction unit, the Mustang can lay rubber properly. The positraction allows the car to apply power evenly between the two wheels during acceleration. Without it, there’s a tendency for all the power to go to only one wheel. This unit will also allow for proper turning and handling on any road.

Header and hand-built exhaust: $3,300
It’s important to use the power from the engine. Exhaust, headers and mufflers need to be well engineered for a vehicle to achieve optimal performance and efficiency. As for the aesthetics, the entire exhaust is TIG welded and ceramic coated.

See the car and find out who won here.


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    I can’t get any of the links for the contest to work, the entry deadline is fast approaching. I could beat the deadline if I had an awesome ’72 Mach 1 Mustang, topped up with AMSOIL Signature Series of course.

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