Cruisin’ New England with the ARP/Street Rodder Road Tour Presented by AMSOIL and Ford Performance

BOS_1116 smAfter accumulating his fair share of miles across the Midwest, Jerry Dixey headed to the Northeast section of our great nation for what is billed as the Factory Five Racing Road Tour. Just as each tour leg has its own name, they’re also unique in character as well. Last week’s tour, again presented by AMSOIL and Ford Performance, took the Road Tourians to a variety of historic places in and around Boston before heading up into New Hampshire, then winding its way to the Syracuse Nationals.

Beginning Saturday morning July 9 at Competition Specialties in Walpole, Mass. (suburban Boston), the tour headed off to do some historic sightseeing. Plymouth Rock and the Cape Cod area are always memorable. The next day the group visited the Bay State Auto Show held on the beautiful grounds of the Endicott Estate. That afternoon they dropped by New Bedford and enjoyed the New Bedford Whaling Museum and the exhibits that relate the history of whaling in New England. It’s an eye-opening step back in time as they had an opportunity to see art, artifacts, scrimshaw, history and literature inspired by the world of whaling, which in its time encompassed the world. Think Herman Melville and Moby Dick and you’re on the right track.

This leg of the Road Tour gets its name from Wareham-based Factory Five Racing, their first stop on Monday.

BOS_1222 smFrom Factory Five Racing they headed north to Lowell, Mass., to visit the Lowell National Park Museum area, which tells the story of the dawn of the industrial revolution in America. The buildings that are part of this area are restored textile factories that made up the huge industrial complex that formed the city of Lowell from 1850 through the early 1900s. Lowell was also the birthplace of famous beat writer Jack Kerouac, who wrote the classic On the Road novel in the 1950s. Kerouac’s story is a very different kind of road tour.

The end game for last week’s Road Tourians was the Syracuse Nationals, one of the biggest street rod shows in the Northeast. Along the way they cruised into various auto museums and other points of interest in New Hampshire, while navigating a lot of beautiful winding roads through towns in upstate New York, including Sarasota Springs and Utica. The pictures are worth a thousand words, but the experience is worth a lifetime of memories. If you’ve ever had that inner hankering to do join the Street Rodder Road Tour, you won’t regret following through.

Here are some of the sites from the Factory Five Racing Tour:

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BOS_1222 sm

BOS_1346 sm

BOS_1131 sm


There is a lot of history out there. Waterways – rivers and oceans – were once the world’s “highways.” Today, we can’t wait to get our wheels. The Road Tour is a great way to see a lot of automotive history, much of it by the people who have made it. You can be part of it. Check out the details here.

AMSOIL, too, has contributed to automotive history. Our founder created the first synthetic motor oil for cars to satisfy American Petroleum Industry standards. You can learn about our story at

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