Custom Mustang GT-500 Ready for a Close-up at Carlisle Ford Nationals

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AMSOIL is the Official Oil of Carlisle Events, a series of car shows that draws out automotive enthusiasts of all makes and models. The AMSOIL booth display typically hosts show-stopping vehicles at each event that turn heads, even among a sea of worthy competitors. For the upcoming Carlisle Ford Nationals in early June, this heavily modified 2007 GT-500, owned by Zak Porta, will be front-and-center in the AMSOIL booth.

A lifelong Ford fan, Porta left no stone unturned in fine-tuning his GT to his standards, down to designing his own gauge pod that even put a few extra dollars in his pocket. Of course, the car runs on AMSOIL Signature Series 10W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil.  Check out his story and mod list below, and then stop in the AMSOIL booth at Carlisle Ford Nationals June 3-5 if you happen to be in the Carlisle, Pa., area. Also, be sure to enter the AMSOIL Devoted to Protection™ sweepstakes for a shot at owning your own modified ‘Stang.

Is this your first project vehicle?

Porta Mustang Blog Pic 1I wouldn’t call this my first “project” vehicle because I have never had a vehicle that I didn’t modify. But it is the first vehicle I have planned on keeping for a very long time. All of these modifications have been spread out over the years and all installed by me personally. I enjoy wrenching on the car just as much as driving it. I am the second owner and have had it since December of 2007. This car practically brought my wife and I together. I actually proposed in the car; it was a bit impromptu after a family friend almost slipped before I popped the question.

Tell us why you chose the Mustang.

This is my first Mustang, but I have always admired Mustangs growing up. My dad has a ‘65 Fastback that I plan on restoring in the future. I was born and raised in a Ford family, so being around them often, the Mustang was in my blood.

Any memorable shows or media coverage?Porta Blog 4

I have been attending Carlisle All-Ford Nationals for years and have been a Redline Tuning booth car as well as a TMI interiors booth car at the American Muscle show. One of my highlights was getting a reader feature in 5.0 Mustang Magazine.

Favorite modification?

My favorite modification would have to be my custom-made zPod. I was in need of a gauge pod and wanted something different, but didn’t want to be like every other Mustang with a pillar gauge. After sitting in my car I came up with an idea for molding them into my map light console. It was a hit! I have sold about 15 of them.

Any future mods planned?

I plan on getting a set of American racing headers as well as some L&M cams.

Have you used AMSOIL products in the past?

I have been using AMSOIL longer than I can remember, since at least 2009, but maybe even earlier. I also run AMSOIL in my 2014 F-250 6.7 diesel and my wife’s 2015 Explorer Sport. I push it on as many friends as possible and don’t plan on stopping.



FRPP x brace rear seat delete Custom zPod gauge pod with Aeroforce gauges (designed by Porta himself)Porta Engine

MGW shifter with color-matched shift ball

CHE torque brace

TMI Sport R500 seats

DBA 4000 slotted rotors Bobs oil separator

Redline Tuning hood struts, lots of custom powder coating and hydro carbon work.

The power stems from a Kenne Bell 2.8h supercharger complimented by an o/r H pipe and 3″ JBA catback as well as 72 lbs. injectors and billet fuel rails. Custom Tuned by Jon Lund.

Full suspension overhaul with Eibach coil overs and sway bars. Maximum Motorsports c/c plates. Full Metco UCA and LCA’s. BMR panhard bar and brace. Driveshaft Shop 1 PC aluminum shaft.
Cooling system mods: 

Revan racing dual-fan heat exchanger, M&H racing “the tank” Samco silicone hoses and a 170* thermostat.  The exterior is personalized with painted rocker panels and a gt/cs-style rear bumper, carbon fiber splitter, tinted turn signals and side markers. True Forged hood vents really let the engine bay breathe and the whole car is anchored with 19″ CCW 505a wheels and Mickey Thompson 19″ drag radials. The stereo system is very tasteful. Clean and simple, yet custom, describes it best with an Alpine 535HD DVD head unit and Focal access speaker. The trunk houses a beautiful enclosure with a JL 12w6 woofer and 2 JL amps flush-mounted in the floor, all custom built by Porta.

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