Diesel Power Challenge 2016: Day One is in the Books

Ci Noble #7
Cirius Noble’s ’97 Dodge Ram 2500 kicked out some power.

In the shadow of the Rockies, the Diesel Power Challenge (DPC) is again unfolding in the mile-high city of Denver. The weather is fab for this clash of titans whose stated aim is to find the most powerful truck in the world. It’s always a week of drama and excess as diesel builders compete for the crown and its accompanying recognition.

Diesel Power Magazine staff assembles 10 candidates who are scored on a 100-point scale for each event, with 100 points for 1st place, 90.9 points for 2nd place, 80.8 points for 3rd place and so on. Vehicles that did not finish (DNF) are scored on distance after all of the completed runs are scored.

As Jamie Jarvi shared Monday, the DPC is now in its 12th season. You can check out the competitors’ trucks and see who’s come ready for a rumble, but we won’t know till the dueling is done who’s going to be crowned number one. Today they’re gathered at Bandimere Speedway on Denver’s western rim. It’s a fabulous view as you gaze East. Three events are slated: the Trailer Tow Obstacle Course, the Eighth-Mile 10,000-lb. Trailer Tow and the Quarter-Mile Drag Race.

Ray_McClelland_2007_Dodge_Ram_2500_Cummins_Diesel sm
Ray McClelland’s 2007 Dodge Ram 2500 Cummins Diesel

Yesterday was “Dyno Day” on the grounds of ATS Diesel, and AMSOIL Product Manager, Heavy Duty Mark Nyholm reported, “Day one went great. Everyone put down really good numbers. We again have a good group of competitive individuals who really help each other out.” The day was not without incident. “So far we only lost one truck. Jake Patterson popped a piston and scored a liner, nicking a valve and taking out the engine. Another fellow twisted an input shaft and spun the clutches, but that team is back on track.”

Wednesday is a day at the Bandimere Speedway track. Bandimere is a premiere NHRA facility that was founded in 1958 and has hosted many premiere events. There have been more than a few trucks crippled on this day in past years. We’ll be paying attention. You can follow along on Facebook at the Diesel Power Magazine page as well as at our AMSOIL wall.


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