Five Low-Cost Vehicle Maintenance Tips

aa migration 1It’s Mod Monday, a good day to share a few practical tips while mentioning the modified ’72 Mustang we’re giving away in 2016. We’ve been sharing a few
performance upgrades for older vehicles, and I thought it might not hurt to reference a few inexpensive maintenance tips to ensure your vehicles are running as designed.

Routine maintenance is important. Neglect can result in unanticipated expenses or worse. You just might get stranded somewhere when you least expect it or can least afford it. In today’s crazy-busy world, you really don’t need to waste time waiting for the AAA truck to arrive.

I picked up these ideas courtesy of Greg Friedrich of Gizmos.

  • Use Synthetic Lubricants

When talking about practical tactics for improving performance, there are plenty of moves you can make that cost very little compared to the benefits. AMSOIL synthetic oil for the engine, transmission and differential reduces friction, keeps parts clean and protects them for the long haul.

  • Proper Spark Plugs & Ignition Wires

People often buy expensive, not realizing that what they need is a plug with the proper resistance. Use plugs and wires designed to meet vehicle manufacturers’ specifications.

  • Clean Fuel Injectors

Ignition produces intense heat and, without special attention, the fuel injectors can get fouled. For gasoline engines we brought to market our P.i. Performance Improver in the mid-1980s. We later introduced a fuel injector cleaner for diesels as well. Don’t overlook the fuel filter.

  • Proper Tire Pressure

Nearly every list of suggestions to improve fuel economy includes checking your tires. It’s free, and it makes a difference.

  • Clean Front of Radiator

Bugs and debris restrict airflow and make the fan work harder. This wastes power that could be directed to wheels. It’s a little thing, but the sum total of these little things can really add up over time.



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