Five Minutes with Street Rodder Editor Brian Brennan

Street Rodder magazine bills itself as “the No. 1 authoritative source for how-to and technical information, event coverage, the latest features and emerging trends devoted to the world of street-rodding.” When a friend stated, “Street Rodder is the Bible of street rodding,” it got my attention. Like the SoCal street rod scene itself, Street Rodder‘s editors and writers live and work here where the action is. B_Brennan_b.jpg

One hallmark of the magazine is the abundance of hands-on tech. It’s a magazine for folks who like to turn wrenches, collect cars and show off at shows. At the helm is editor Brian Brennan, who I caught up with in L.A. a couple weeks ago. He’s been a longtime follower of AMSOIL, having discovered AMSOIL synthetic motor oil in the early 1970s and liking what he found.

How did you come to choose writing as a career?

Brian Brennan: I graduated UC – Fullerton with a degree in journalism and was heavily involved with hot rods and drag racing at the same time. Tex Smith from the then-fledgling publishing company came by the student placement center and I interviewed. The rest, as they say, is history. Other than working at Disneyland during my last year in high school and through college, this is the only profession I’ve known.

What is it that gets street rodders so jazzed about their cars?

BB: It’s the feeling of self-accomplishment, camaraderie with others of like passion and the ability to get out and drive the cars. There is a tremendous feeling of, “I did it my way.”

What’s your own favorite car and why? 

BB: That’s a tough one. Because I am exposed, and have been for decades, to so many cars I have favorites based on categories. I must admit I have a passion for Corvettes, especially the 1962 fuelie car, the 1963 split-window fuelie coupe and, of course, the Grand Sport. Next up would be the Cobra Daytona coupe. That car has totally mesmerized me. In the world of early hot rods I have a special place in my heart for a 1929 Ford highboy roadster, which I have and never get to drive it as much as I would like. As for cars in the ‘50s and ‘60s, well then you have my 1955 Chevy gasser; fills two voids! Next up would be a 1962 Pontiac Grand Prix. And the list goes on….

A couple of those are faves of mine. Thanks for sharing.


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