Happy Birthday, Mustang!

DSC00820Though the first Mustang I prototype debuted in October 1962 at the United States Grand Prix in Watkins Glen, N.Y., the official “birthday” of the Mustang has been long heralded as the day it premiered at the opening of the New York World’s Fair in April 17, 1964. Lee Iacocca’s April 16 advertising blitz and a nationwide rollout in showrooms across the country resulted in 22,000 Mustangs sold the first day of its release. All this without the benefits of social media!

By the end of the year Ford sold 236,434 Mustangs and by its first birthday 418,812 were sold. If lined up end-to-end the cars would have reached from the Unisphere in New York to Bourbon Street in New Orleans. Within 2 years a million were sold, or enough cars to line up end-to-end from New York to Hollywood. The Mustang was truly hot.

Sunday was the 52nd anniversary – or 51st birthday – of the Mustang, which has been produced continuously throughout its history. If you’ve ever dreamed of owning a Mustang of your own and never followed through, you might want to enter our Devoted To Protection Sweepstakes. This fall we’ll be giving away a 1972 Mustang Mach I, modified to excite. Check out the details here.

Happy Birthday, Mustang. You’ve made your parents proud.

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