One Truck, Four Engines: Gordon Tronson’s Equadoline Turns Heads in AMSOIL Booth at SEMA

SEMA 2015 is underway and the AMSOIL booth has been busy welcoming the industry masses. We’ve got a great booth display that speaks to enthusiasts of all kinds.

We’ve shown you the one-of-a-kind Evo and the nostalgic throwback Super Bee. Now it’s time to unveil our third and final vehicle on display this week at SEMA.

Chances are you haven’t seen anything like it and, if you have, you likely know the name “Gordon Tronson.”  His automotive genius is well-known from numerous appearances on The History Channel’s “Counting Cars” television show and the jaw-dropping builds he creates and displays all over the world.

AMSOIL Booth Equadoline SEMA

Tronson has chosen the AMSOIL booth at SEMA to reveal his latest stunner, a 1962 Ford Econoline pick-up truck that runs on four (yes, four) DOHC Supercharged Hemi engines.

This pick-up is capable of turning out 4,000 hp with eight Holley double-pumper carburetors, four Teflon blowers, 128 valves and 32 spark plugs. A completely new tube chassis supports the four engines staged in the back of the cab.

This entire masterpiece was designed and hand-built by Tronson himself, a self-professed car nut since birth. With four engines churning out all that power, Tronson turned to AMSOIL for his lubrication needs and an offer to display his latest stroke of genius in our SEMA booth. It was an offer we couldn’t refuse, and AMSOIL is pleased to partner with this world-renowned builder with an ability to turn almost-impossible concepts into reality.

Our staff on the scene is reporting near-constant traffic of people stopping to check it out and get a photo. If you’re at SEMA, don’t miss the chance to see this unbelievable build up close and in person at AMSOIL booth #24663. For those of us not at the show, learn more about Tronson and his previous award-winning Model T project “Double Trouble” at

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