Richard Andrew’s Mitsubishi Evo Still Turning Heads After SEMA


Long after the SEMA show is behind us, our partnerships with some of the nation’s premier vehicle builders continue to pay off. Our talented designers foster the momentum gained from having their vehicles placed in front of thousands in the specialty automotive industry, and many receive high-profile media attention in print, online and social media after it’s all over.

Richard Andrews is no exception. As a member of 742 Marketing, Andrews is part of a large group of talent that always makes a big splash at SEMA and beyond. His 2014 Mitsubishi Evolution landed a spot in the Direct Lift booth at SEMA 2016. While Andrews is no stranger to the show with 2016 marking his 6th year, it was the first time he landed prime real estate as a booth vehicle. AMSOIL is not only installed in his current project, but could also be found under the hood of his past Nissan 350Z and Mazda RX8 builds that received feature placement at SEMA. Check out his story below, and get an up-close and personal look at Andrews’ Mitsubishi Evo here.

Tell us a bit about how this project got started. Have you always been involved with modifying cars? This project got started the minute I got my hands on my brand new Mitsubishi Evolution. I fell in love with the car, saved up enough money to get it and jumped right into building as I knew it was aRichardAndrewsFull.jpg very capable platform. Ever since I turned 16 and could drive I have always loved building and modifying cars.

How long have you been a member of 742 Marketing? This is my second year with 742 Marketing, but they helped me in the past with one of my other builds for SEMA 2013 with my 350Z race car project.

What is your future vision for project Evo X? To be one of the top show-built/daily-driven Evo’s out there! The car was stock up until I got the invite to the SEMA 2015 show. It has been quite a ride getting it there.

You make the rounds at a lot of high-profile tuner shows. Any memorable experiences you’d like to share? I have many memorable experiences with my past builds. My first vehicle I built won best of show Nissan at the Neisi Week Show; it still gives me goosebumps thinking back to that day! I also won best of show at Import Face Off in 2008 with the same vehicle.

Any favorite AMSOIL product? AMSOIL has always supported my builds throughout the years. It is the best oil anyone can buy! Favorite? No, they are all the best!

Do you have any other projects in mind for the future? I would like to build a 1965 Chevy Bel-Air next, along with my father.

Tell us a quote or motto that describes you. Never give up! Never accept defeat.RichardAndrewsBack.jpg

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