Team Hybrid Celebrates 21 Years of Tuner Excellence

TeamHybrid-2.jpgIt’s been another great year for Team Hybrid, which recently celebrated 21 years in existence as arguably one of the best tuner enthusiast groups on the scene. At its inception, Founder and President James Lin had a vision to organize other like-minded individuals who shared the same passion for modifying their rides into revolutionary works of art. A small group of SoCal enthusiasts quickly grew into a nationwide concept that today holds chapters throughout the country.

The accomplishments of Team Hybrid are many, from high-profile media coverage in national publications to showing up at big-deal tuner shows where Team Hybrid members conduct routine trophy sweeps. It would be impossible to name them all, when over the years Team Hybrid has collected over 3,400 trophies & awards (and counting) while solidifying a leadership status. Check out the 2015 highlights below, which is only a sampling of the many places Team Hybrid could be found over the past year. Needless to say, AMSOIL is a proud supporter of Team Hybrid and the enthusiasts they represent.


SPOCOM: 30 cars showed up to land 5 ‘Best-of’ trophies, including Best Team Display for the 3rd consecutive year, along with a handful of other team member wins.TeamHybrid_SpeedShopTour2015_3.jpg

Import Face-off: IFO events take place at several locations throughout the west coast, and in 2015 Team Hybrid took home a total of 39 trophies, 23 of them ‘Best-of’ awards. Team Hybrid also claimed the 2015 Import Faceoff West Coast Championship for the 3rd year in a row.

SEMA: Archie Concon’s Mitsubishi Evo and Ken Ticknor’s project Superbee landed prime real estate at SEMA as the AMSOIL booth vehicles. A Team Hybrid vehicle was also placed in Meguiar’s Car Crazy Central, in addition to several others that made appearances as feature vehicles.

Motor Trend AutoShow Las Vegas 2015: Team Hybrid was exclusively invited to feature 4 of their top builds with Archie’s Widebody Mirage/2-door Evo, Eric’s Widebody Evo 10, Yoshi’s Widebody FRS, and Robert’s Feeds RX-7.

360 Car Show Las Vegas:  Team Hybrid swept another 4 ‘Best-of’ awards.

Hot Import Nights-Las Vegas: Team Hybrid won Hottest Import Club-Quality.


Magazine Features: Cover of Maximum Tuner Issue 2-15 with Team Hybrid’s EG AKA/SuHybrid_Mag_Cover.jpgnDrop V2.• Cover of Maximum Tuner Nov/Dec 2015 issue with APR Widebody EVO X • Cover of Honda Tuner March/April 2015 issue with Honda EG. • Full Feature in PASMAG Dec/Jan 2015 issue, Team 20th Anniversary Article.• Full Feature in PASMAG first-ever “Japan Special Edition” issue with Varis ASSO Widebody Mirage AKA/ 2-door EVO. • Full feature in Evolution Magazine Issue #14 of Team Hybrid’s APR Evil-R Widebody EVO IX. • AMSOIL National Ad in Super Street and Motor Trend Magazine 2015 / 2016 with Dodge Charger Superbee.  • PASMAG full feature of Team Hybrid for 2014 Import Face-Off National Champions article, page 38.
AMSOIL congratulates Team Hybrid on another extraordinary year. In the words of James Lin, may your 21+ years of legendary tradition continue making history.


Special thanks to Team Hybrid’s James Lin and Armando Rodriguez for their content contributions to this story.

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