Team Hybrid Hits the Ground Running in 2017

Team Hybrid knows how to make an entrance, kicking off the New Year with impressive show wins and national media coverage. Founder & President James Lin reports big news in the early stages of 2017, and from the looks of things, Team Hybrid is set to remain a dominant force in the tuner scene wherever they go.

For those just tuning in, Team Hybrid is a tuner car club based in California with chapters throughout the country. Jan. 7 marked their 22nd anniversary from humble beginnings to becoming one of the largest and longest-standing teams of its kind.  They have a knack for showing up at car shows and securing trophy wins among heavy competition. Their members know how to produce a show-stopping vehicle and represent the lifestyle with quality and professionalism. They love AMSOIL, and we love them.  Check out the latest highlights below, and stay tuned for more to come from Team Hybrid in 2017… they’re just getting started.

Import Face-Off: Las Vegas, Nev.

Team Hybrid rolled into the last Import Face-off event of 2016 with 32 cars, landing 12 trophies, including the Best Team Quality award. They added the following trophies to their collection of well over 4,000:
Best Team Overall Quality – Team Hybrid
Best Mitsubishi – Mirage
Best Mazda – RX-7
Best Euro – E46 M3
Best Other Honda- CRZ
Best FRS – Limited 10 FRS
Best Infiniti – G37S Sedan
Best Lexus – ISF
Best Korean – Optima
Best Install – G35 Coupe
Best Z/G 2nd Place – G35 Coupe

Import Face-Off: Tucson, Ariz.

Soon after Vegas, members of Team Hybrid arrived at the 2017 IFO season opener in Tucson with just six cars but still took seven trophies. Once again they edged out the competition to earn another Best Club Representation award.

Best Club Representation-Overall Quality – Team Hybrid
Best Korean – Optima
Best Luxury – E46 M3
Best Interior – G35
Best Z/G – G35
2nd Place Z/G – M45

Maximum Tuner Magazine Print Feature:

Team Hybrid member Archie Concon’s Mitsubishi Evo is a bona fide star. It’s landed in several magazines already and even gained international recognition in the Japan Special of PAS Magazine. Up next Concon’s legendary Evo will grace the cover of Maximum Tuner Magazine’s January-February issue. We’ve covered him before on the AMSOIL Blog, the same year he made an appearance at SEMA in the AMSOIL booth. For years this Evo has been – and will continue to be – one to watch.

DSport Magazine Online Shout-Out:

DSport Magazine had great things to say about Team Hybrid’s InstaFame sweep in their 2016 IDRC recap to close out the year. Among them:


The biggest winner at the event also happened to have the biggest crew in the show. Team Hybrid dominated at the IDRC International Finals, collecting thirteen trophies in total. Sergio Guevara’s 2013 Nissan 370Z was among the winners, claiming both the best Nissan award as well as the People’s Choice Award. Hybrid also had the Biggest Crew at the event and was awarded the Best Crew Award by the judges. Team Hybrid’s founder and president James Lin beamed with pride at the event, as his crew is the first to ever win both of the top crew honors at a single event.


DSport Magazine Print Feature:

The above-mentioned online shout-out translated into a two-page feature in the February 2017 issue of DSport Magazine. It illustrates the impact this crew can have on a high-profile car show when they’re on the scene. So many tuner owners dream of landing a magazine spot just once. Team Hybrid members manage to do so on the regular.

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