Ultimate Callout Challenge: Where the Big Dogs Come to Play

IMG_7927This winter the call went out to diesel truck enthusiasts that there was going to be a showdown this spring. Like a battle of titans, or junkyard dogs, the invitation included adrenaline-pumping words like “No Rules” and “Anything Goes.” Diesel World magazine put out the word and invited the scrappiest fighters into the ring for a dyno, drag and pull competition that would leave one truck standing, a diesel version of King of the Hill.

The event is happening even as I write this, in Salt Lake City, with 30 fire-breathing contenders. These are full-blown race trucks putting out 2,000 horses and 3,000 ft. lbs. of torque, all very serious about their efforts.

DSC_0588Day 1 was spent doing dyno runs at Rocky Mountain Raceway. Everyone was paying attention to how everyone else is measuring up. The numbers on the dyno are a pretty good indicator of what one is up against. There were familiar faces here, but there were new faces as well, and the results were impressive.

At the end of the first day the top three points leaders were Shawn Baca of Industrial Injection, Lavon Miller or FirePunk Diesel and Aaron Rodolf of Rudy’s Diesel. Miller is a 2X champion of the Diesel Power Challenge, and it’s apparent he came to play. Another former DPC champion, Dmitri Millard was holding his own in the sixth position at the end of the first day.

Day 2 took place out on the track at Deseret Peak Complex in Tooele, Utah. This event was open to the public with the action starting at 4 p.m.  After the behemoths shook the earth and the diesel roar subsided, Lavon Miller emerged as top dog with one event to go. It’s all about power here, and Miller’s FirePunk diesel has it in spades.

Today the gates will again open at 2 p.m. with the action starting at 4 p.m. It’s the final act, a sled-pull showdown. The awards ceremony will follow.

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DSC_0665Follow the Ultimate Callout Challenge Facebook page here. Special thanks to Diesel World magazine and all the sponsors that have helped put this event together.

You can see the overall standings here: http://ultimatecallout.com/

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