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Diesel enthusiast and competitor Ben Shadday, in his own words. “Done Right Diesel Performance is a light-duty repair shop and...

August 12, 2020

Diesel enthusiast and competitor Ben Shadday, in his own words.

“Done Right Diesel Performance is a light-duty repair shop and performance shop located in Osgood, Indiana,” said Shadday. “We’ve been in business since 2008.

“A typical customer here is an enthusiast looking for more output or a more reliable aftermarket product for their diesel pickup truck. I would consider us a premium shop. We always try to push the premium option, even when we are replacing even OEM parts.”

Serves a range of customers

“We’ve also been buying low-mile, late-model wrecked diesel trucks, and we are offering these parts to our customers at a fraction of the cost. That’s new to us. We hope to really be rolling in the next year or so with it.

“We do have a lot of competition vehicles and customers in other states that do sled-pull drag racing that we still keep on top of the game, so to speak, with new parts and new technology.”

Dyno-mite performance

“We’re in the dyno bay at the shop here. We’re getting ready to dyno a race truck. The customer’s race truck is from Tennessee. This is a Dynojet 224xlc. It is a load-cell dyno. Whether you’re simulating, you’re towing or going up a hill, what we do is, it being compound turbos, we put enough load on the truck and then we drive back through it to get a proper sample of the power and torque that it’s making.

“We ran the truck two times. And, after the first time, I noticed that it dropped a little bit of fuel pressure. So, I went back into the calibration and made a couple changes. And, you can see with the dynograph, we picked up about 45 horsepower and 90 foot-pounds of torque.”

Why diesel?

“I think the big attraction of diesel was just the torque. In stock form, they don’t make a ton of horsepower. But you can feel just that low-end grunt, and I think that’s what reined me in.

“And it’s motorsports in general, but diesel does have my heart. When I started my shop, I was always tinkering with diesels anyway just my own. And then I purchased a race truck that had started to be built. It wasn’t complete, and then I finished it. We had a lot of fun with that, and that’s kind of what got the performance side started.”

Competitive career

“I do consider myself very competitive, and drag racing’s where my passion’s at. We run a diesel Pro Mod in the ODSS series, which is Outlaw Diesel Super Series. Last year we won the points. This year, we actually just finished it up and we ended up third this year. So, we’re still pretty pleased with that.

“We’re running four-second eighth-mile times at 100, almost 170 miles an hour in the eighth-mile.

“First of all, with the truck, you can see it’s got a custom intercooler; it’s a one-off piece. The engine is a Cummins 7.1 liter. It’s a solid block, single turbo. Lot of nitrous, two injection pumps. It’s got a mechanical fuel pump that supplies, roughly, 32 pounds of fuel pressure.

“Going down the track, these injection pumps take it from 32 pounds of pressure to 26,000 pounds of pressure to this injector. Moving around to the cab of the truck, the whole datalogger system itself is mounted on the inside of the firewall.

“The buttons on the steering wheel, nitrous purge, trans brake…the bottom button on the right is for the parachute.

“We’ve utilized carbon fiber wheel tubs to try to lighten it up a little bit. At the rear of the truck we went to wheelie bars this year. We haven’t ever ran wheelie bars until this year.

“So, if an official sees something dripping or they see something out of line, anybody at any time you come up and shut the power off to the truck and it kills it.

“This truck weighs 3,600 pounds with me in it. And you’re running 170; that’s a pretty good drive.”

Teamwork vital to success

“Teamwork to me is huge. Everybody’s part matters, you know, not only at the racetrack, but in just everyday business.

“We take punishment as a team, and we take pride as a team. So, it’s a big deal to me and it’s huge. If not for my guys, there’s no way that any of this would be possible. And that’s at the business or on the racetrack.”

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