Why are There Different Two-Stroke Oil Mix Ratios for Chainsaw Oil

Swamp mix.

That’s what you call a concoction of two-stroke oil and gas that’s been slopped together with no measuring tools and no regard for engine protection. Your chainsaw or string trimmer could be running on a 50:1 mix. Could be 72:1. Could be 147:1. There’s no telling.

I often made swamp mix back in the day. Like other adherents to the dark art of mixing foul-smelling liquids in a dimly lit shed, I did it for a couple reasons: 1) I didn’t have clearly marked measuring containers at the ready, and 2) even if I had, I wouldn’t have felt like playing chemist with my chainsaw when I’d rather be cutting brush.

I never blew up a saw doing this. But, then again, I’m not a professional logger, so I didn’t cut often.

Some people don’t like mixing two-stroke fuel/oil because it’s a mess. Some hate it because math makes their brain hurt.

What is a two-stroke mix ratio?

The math isn’t that tough to understand. Say your chainsaw manufacturer recommends a 50:1 fuel/oil mix. This simply means you need 50 parts of gas to one part two-stroke oil. Two-stroke engines derive lubrication from the oil mixed directly into the gasoline, unlike your car engine, which lubricates itself with oil housed in an oil sump and circulated by an oil pump.

Complicating things, some equipment manufacturers recommend different mix ratios. While most modern trimmers, chainsaws, leaf blowers and the like call for 50:1, some older equipment recommends 32:1. If you have multiple pieces of equipment with different mix ratios, you have to mix and store multiple cans of fuel. That’s not only a hassle, it’s a situation begging for problems when you accidentally dump 50:1 in your saw that takes 32:1.

This scenario likely isn’t a problem for landscapers, loggers and other professionals who replace their equipment often due to heavy use. But plenty of homeowners still use older equipment that calls for a richer fuel mixture.

Life would be much easier if every manufacturer recommended the same mix ratio, right?

They don’t. But we do.

AMSOIL SABER Professional Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil is tested and proven at any mix ratio up to 100:1. That means you can mix one can of fuel and use it in all your two-stroke equipment. Done. Problem solved. If you want to use 50:1, use that. Or 80:1. For best value, use 100:1. You could mix at 71:1 if you want. It’s up to you.

And, to eliminate the hassles of mixing fuel, we offer bottle sizes matched to certain sizes of gas cans. For example, to mix AMSOIL SABER Professional at 50:1 in a 2.5-gallon gas can, just use an entire 6.4-oz. bottle. Use half the bottle for a 100:1 mix ratio.

That’s the ratio I now use in my chainsaw. As the piston images show, SABER Professional mixed at 100:1 outperforms other two-stroke oils at 50:1, fighting power-robbing deposits and maintaining operability.

AMSOIL SABER Professional mixed at 100:1 delivers better protection against power-robbing deposits than other oils mixed at 50:1.

With SABER Professional you spend less on oil, get better protection and eliminate hassle when mixing fuel. And you never have to make swamp mix again.


  1. I have an older blower that calls for 20:1. If I use your 100:1 oil, what ratio should I use?
    Would it hurt to mix your oil at 20:1?
    Would it be safe to mix your oil at 100:1 for use in my 20:1 manufacturer-recommended blower?
    What would you recommend?


    1. Hi Randy,

      Use DOMINATOR Synthetic 2-Stroke Racing Oil in high-performance stock or modified two-stroke engines, including air- or liquid-cooled snowmobiles, personal watercraft, motorcycles (moto X), ATVs, go-carts and outboard motors. It’s good for use with coated or non-coated pistons, high-octane racing fuels and exhaust power valves. Use it in oil-injected and pre-mix applications that require API TC oils. In pre-mix applications, DOMINATOR delivers outstanding protection at 50:1 (2.6 oz. oil per U.S. gallon of gas), although many racers modify the mix ratio to suit their setup. It’s not suitable for use with alcohol or nitro-methane fuels.



  3. I live on Long Island and cannot locate where to purchase AMSOIL for my chainsaw. This is very confusing as I did a lot of searches, and one store said they have AMSOIL for everything but chainsaws. Zip code 11779, help please.

    1. Hi Bill,

      I’m sorry to hear you’re struggling to find our products. Try using our AMSOIL Locator and searching for your nearest independent AMSOIL Dealer. Give him or her a call, and he or she will be glad to help. You can also order directly at AMSOIL.com.

      Good luck,


  4. How is this SABER blend different from the original 100:1 AMSOIL 2 stroke oil for dirt bikes? I’ve been running the original type oil since 1983 and I was told that AMSOIL changed the formula for the bikes and that the 100:1 ratio oil is only recommended for lawn equipment now, and that dirt bikes require a different AMSOIL formula at a 50:1 ratio.

    I’m about to run out of the original formula 100:1 oil. I have 3 quads and 4 bikes (all are 500cc engines) and I don’t want to have to re-jet them all. One of them has 2 carburetors and is no fun to re-jet.

    I am a lifetime dealer for AMSOIL. By the way, I was also told that the racers had successfully run the old oil at 280:1.

    1. Hi Barry,

      We always look at the needs of the specific equipment, and two-stroke lawn and landscape equipment is running hotter and leaner than ever before. We adjusted the formulation of SABER Professional to account for these needs. We haven’t formally tested SABER in two-stroke dirt bikes since the majority of people use the product in handheld lawn and landscape equipment, which is also why we no longer formally recommend it in powersports applications. That said, however, you can continue to use it in your two-stroke bikes and ATVs. The formulation changes we’ve made will not have an adverse effect on protection in those applications.



  5. Great in detail information. Really helpful information about 2 stroke oil mixing confusion. A lot of people find it really confusing and hard. I think this content will help them.

  6. I have reviewed some the best 2 stroke oil for chainsaw.AMSOIL Saber Professional Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil is really an awesome oil for delivering so much much power to the chainsaw. It is low in smoke and very affordable in price.

  7. This a great in-depth post… I believe many people haven’t learned about two-stroke mix ratios and that you have to take into account the quality of AMSOIL Saber two-stroke oil to understand that it can be run at 100:1. Having 1 mix for everything is the way to go!

  8. Thanks for posting this, great to know. I have been using your two stroke oils for years at 50:1, i will switch to 100:1.

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