AMSOIL Won’t Let Two-Million Mile Trucker Retire

One of the highlights of working at AMSOIL is hearing stories from people about the extraordinary performance of AMSOIL products  – people like Jerry Pruett.

Calling All Duramax LML Owners

Diesel Truck - differences between gas and diesel engines

Hopefully by now you may have seen some pictures of this diesel truck – our event truck that travels from Daytona Bike Week in Florida to the SEMA Show in Vegas to Snocross events in the Midwest.

Stiction… What Is It?

By now you’ve inevitably seen this term in turbo diesel enthusiast magazines.  And if you own a Ford Powerstroke 6.0L diesel engine, then you likely have experienced it. Stiction… it’s a combination of two words. Static and Friction. What it really means is that there are two components touching each other and a specific force

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