SEMA Spotlight: Pfaff Designs Project “Draggin’ Wagon”

Throughout the week we’ve taken you inside the 2015 SEMA show for a look at the vehicles and action taking place throughout the Las Vegas Convention Center. Before we bid farewell to another great year, let’s take a look at Murray Pfaff’s project Draggin’ Wagon that spent the week at SEMA as an AMSOIL Feature

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One Truck, Four Engines: Gordon Tronson’s Equadoline Turns Heads in AMSOIL Booth at SEMA

SEMA 2015 is underway and the AMSOIL booth has been busy welcoming the industry masses. We’ve got a great booth display that speaks to enthusiasts of all kinds. We’ve shown you the one-of-a-kind Evo and the nostalgic throwback Super Bee, now it’s time to unveil our third and final vehicle on display this week at

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SEMA Spotlight: Superbee Takes the Stage at SEMA in the AMSOIL Booth

Ken Ticknor of Team Hybrid knows a thing or two about cars and what it takes to make them stand out. His experience as a car show judge has lent insight to what turns an average ride into an award-winning showstopper, and he’s used that knowledge to his advantage. An avid auto enthusiast, Ticknor has

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SEMA Spotlight:Mitsubishi Evo Set to Shine in AMSOIL Booth

Archie Concon of Team Hybrid has made a name for himself in a way no one else has. His well-known Mitsubishi Evo was recently featured in the Japan Special issue of PAS Mag, and has even managed to capture the attention of Mitsubishi executives themselves. In a sea of stand-out tuners, Concon manages to turn

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AMSOIL Expands Signature Series Line with 5W-50 Synthetic Motor Oil for Ford Mustangs

What is it about the Ford Mustang that so excites the imagination? Well, for starters, consider the name. Mustang. When I think of mustangs, I think of wild horses. And when older men think of Mustangs, they think of the wild horsepower packed under the hood of that particular breed of Sixties muscle car.