13 Reasons We Love Our Independent AMSOIL Dealers

#13: AMSOIL Dealers are passionate. Check out Kevin Arlotti. The dude didn’t start racing dirt bikes until he was in his 30s. Despite brutal injuries, broken bones, a telescoped femur and a million bruises, he’s still at it, still loving it and still succeeding.

#12: AMSOIL Dealers are inspiring. Andriy Dyachuk’s story is simply incredible. Fleeing his homeland of Russia for political reasons and for the sake of his physical safety, Andriy landed on U.S. soil unable to speak English with $70 bucks in his pocket, no friends and no prospects other than his considerable brain power, personal drive and undying optimism.

#11: AMSOIL Dealers are fun…and tough. Joann and Robert Smythe, proud Texans, recently survived and thrived through Hurricane Harvey and are back to their fun-loving ways, enjoying the outdoors, supporting their community and participating in trade shows and other events, extolling the virtues of an active lifestyle and a passion for AMSOIL products.

#10: AMSOIL Dealers are family oriented. Like so many AMSOIL Dealers, Martin Cranford includes his entire family in his “passion projects,” including the rebuild of his 1948 Ford Panel Van, which he named Sharon Louise after his mother, who shared a birthday with the iconic Hot Rod.

#9: AMSOIL Dealers are hard working. Jon Caudron works a full-time job, and more, in addition to running his AMSOIL Dealership and wouldn’t have it any other way. His aptitude for all things mechanical, coupled with an exemplary work ethic, is an excellent recipe for success.

#8: AMSOIL Dealers are competitive. Casey Jones, his wife Eva and his twin brother – and fellow AMSOIL Dealer – Andy are competitive in about everything they do. From racing hydroplanes to helping AMSOIL customers optimize their performance in whatever engine they’re using, the Jones crew is all about winning.

#7: AMSOIL Dealers are intelligent. Bruce Chadwick and his son, Daniel, are two of the most inquisitive and high-octane minds you’ll ever encounter. Articulate, calm and solutions-oriented, the Chadwicks will help you with your antique outboard motor or calculate the circumference of your favorite distant galaxy.

#6: AMSOIL Dealers are classic. Lorraine Strenkowski, her AMSOIL Dealer in-laws, her husband and boys are all devoted to celebrating the classics. Whether it’s racing vintage dirt bikes, cranking classic country & western music or machining their own tools, gears and fittings, the Strenkowski family is easy to admire.

#5: AMSOIL Dealers are patriots. Steven Smith became a Dealer on his 18th birthday and enlisted in the military shortly thereafter. On active duty in Afghanistan, Steven continues to work his AMSOIL business, maintaining an impressive sense of priority and commitment to quality in whatever he pursues.

#4: AMSOIL Dealers are hilarious! Who doesn’t love a gearhead with a penchant for good times, who happens to own an award-winning “Pumpkin Chunkin’” cannon named Chunkinology? Whether it’s pumpkins, watermelons, bananas or anything else, Tom Frazier and his Chunkinology cannon will teach it how to fly.

#3: AMSOIL Dealers are sportsmen. During any given season, one can find David Huff hunting, fishing, scouting, hiking, camping or boating amidst the variety of natural beauty throughout the North Carolina wilderness. David approaches his outdoor passions with the same vigor he applies to his AMSOIL business.

#2: AMSOIL Dealers are dedicated. Todd Domann is a man with a plan. With a steadfast demeanor and stick-to-it nature, Todd is systematic when it comes to optimizing his diesel tractor pull rig. He applies the same meticulous, patient intent when it comes to developing his AMSOIL business.

#1: AMSOIL Dealers are professional. Bottom line. AMSOIL Dealers like Jerry Mikielski Jr. learn from the best, the way Jerry Jr. learned from his father, and they apply those lessons to their own approach, adjusting along the way to make their business their own, unique entrepreneurial entity. In the same way separate individuals might rebuild a classic care according to their own tastes, successful Dealers like Jerry do the same in building their businesses.

I hope you love these stories as much as we do. And, if you’re a like-minded gearhead who wants to turn his or her passion into some extra cash, find out more about becoming an AMSOIL Dealer here.

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