2019 Expedition Colorado – Wide Open Spaces

Expedition Colorado is back, this time with a 1976 Bronco. Join Brad and Roger Lovell and their crew in completing...

July 29, 2019

Anyone else think of that Dixie Chicks song when they hear the above?

Veteran off-roader Brad Lovell and his crew are once again organizing Expedition Colorado, an off-road adventure that covers hundreds of miles through the Colorado and Utah backcountry. They inaugurated Expedition Colorado in 2017 simply to find out if it could be done. The event was such a hit, Lovell and his crew did it again in 2018, this time inviting the public to join.

This marks the third year of AMSOIL Expedition Colorado, and this time Brad Lovell and his brother Roger are getting nostalgic. Twenty five years ago, they built a ’76 Bronco with their father. The brothers wanted to share the experience with their own sons. So, they’ve “refreshed” the vehicle with a new cage, wheels, tires and other updates, but it still holds the same nostalgia it did 25 years ago.

Now, they’re ready to take to the trails for the latest installment of Expedition Colorado.

Adventure Awaits

The 2019 route starts near Grand Junction, Colo., and heads west to Green River, Utah before turning south and eventually passing through Moab, Utah.

It then returns to Colorado and follows the Uncompahgre Plateau southeast, winding through the San Juan mountains and ending in Lake City, Colo. This year’s event features a new route mainly due to the amount of snow in the mountains. Melting snow has caused flooding issues with both the Green and Dolores Rivers.

Team Odd Couple

Here’s a breakdown of this year’s participants:

  • Brad Lovell and his sons, driving the ’76 Bronco.
  • Roger Lovell and his son. After experiencing engine trouble during last year’s event, Roger has modified his vehicle with a 347 Stroker engine.
  • Bill Steinhour and his family in their 2017 Jeep JK. Hailing from Michigan, this will be his first taste of off-roading in the mountains.
  • Brad Lovell’s desert-racing co-driver Jason Hutter in his ’64 Volkswagen Bug. Hutter understands the challenges of the Expedition and will stick with the group as long as his two-wheel-drive Bug is able.

Join Expedition Colorado

And, once again, this year you’re invited.

A GPS route of the course will be posted Aug. 5 with various checkpoints. To be eligible for the grand prize, you must post your picture at an estimated 10 checkpoints along the course. Pictures will be collected via Instagram by tags. A full breakdown of those tags and requirements can be found here.

Complete the expedition on your time, grab a sleeping bag and cooler, explore hundreds of miles of great trails and witness the beauty the area has to offer. Completing Expedition Colorado on your own or with a small group will be an unforgettable experience, so make plans now.

Be sure to stay up to date on the crew’s adventures on the Expedition Colorado Instagram. Checkpoints can be found Aug. 5 here.

Adventure awaits!

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