2022 Hot Rod Power Tour Preview

Five days, five cities: The Hot Rod Power Tour is a cross-country celebration of American Car Culture.

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by Nikky Farmakes
June 2, 2022

Have you ever wondered what it is like to go on a cross-country road trip with 3,500 of your friends? The Motor Trend Hot Rod Power Tour is just that – a five-day, five-city mobilized car show where 3,500 participants bring anything from classic hot-rods to newer builds to showcase.

For participants, the Tour is a shared experience, a chance to celebrate car culture with like-minded folks while hearkening back and tapping into one of America’s greatest traditions – the road trip.

2022 Hot Rod Power Tour Locations

The 2022 Hot Rod Power Tour will be Motor Trend’s 28th year hosting.

After many years cruising the Midwest, this year the tour moves south. The approximately 1,000-mile tour starts in Memphis, Tenn., on Monday, June 13 and ends in Atlanta on Friday, June 17, with stops in Nashville, Tenn., Hoover, Ala., and Pensacola, Fla.

Check out the complete 2022 Hot Rod Power Tour schedule here.

Every morning, participants say goodbye to the previous night’s host city and make their way to the next stop. Imagine it – 3,500 classic cars, old-school trucks and incredibly built hot rods all making their way from city to city. A huge contingent of cars, trucks and other automobiles hitting up back roads, scenic by-ways, stopping for gas, exploring small towns and essentially taking over the route between Point A and Point B.

It’s not hard to understand why this tour has been billed at the world’s largest traveling car show.

Check Out The World-Class Attractions

And then there are the venues.

The goal for each day is to make it to the next city where participants and spectators are welcome to come and explore some of the country’s finest venues, including NASCAR speedways.

This year the tour will make stops at the Nashville Superspeedway and the Atlanta Motor Speedway, as well as explore Liberty Park in downtown Memphis, The Hoover Met Complex (Home of the SEC Baseball Tournament) and the Pensacola Fairgrounds.

You don’t have to drive to each place to enjoy the Hot Rod Power Tour. Along the way spectators can watch from the side of the road, or they can stop in for the afternoon and meet the owners of their favorite car, peruse the vendors and chat with like-minded car enthusiasts. One- and two-day passes are available.

Earn Your “Long-Hauler’s” Plaque

So, what’s the ultimate goal of the Hot Rod Power Tour for participants?

To earn the coveted “Long-Hauler’s” plaque. Every year many eager road-trip enthusiasts brave the elements and the trials and tribulations of the road and travel each leg of the tour.

On Friday, plaques to honor the achievement of traveling four states and nearly 1,000 miles can be picked up at the last venue.

Ultimately, the plaque is a symbol of everything the Tour stands for – a celebration of car culture with like-minded friends, all while road tripping through some of America’s most beautiful cities.

For more information about the world’s largest traveling car show, how to participate or how to watch, head over to the Motor Trend website.

Follow Along With AMSOIL

AMSOIL is the Official Motor Oil of the 2022 Hot Rod Power Tour. We’ll be joining the Tour all five days; check out our booth at each stop along the way.

You can also follow along on our social media sites: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

by Nikky Farmakes

AMSOIL Senior Marketing Specialist

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