AMSOIL Celebrates 50-Year Partnership with Independent Dealers

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Lindsay Tousignant
by Lindsay Tousignant
August 4, 2023

When I joined the AMSOIL team in 2009, I had just missed our 35th anniversary celebration the year prior. While gearing up for the 40th celebration five years later, I was told the 35th was unmatched, with sponsored racers and influencers from all different segments and levels, many of whom I had just started interacting with.

Nine years later, we invited many of those same influencers while planning our 50th anniversary. Some of our sponsored personalities have been with the company since its inception, and many others have joined our ranks over the past 50 years. All share a common faith and trust in our products and their performance.

How it all started

AMSOIL was founded in 1969 by Al Amatuzio. AMSOIL became the first synthetic oil to earn API certification in 1972, and a year later one of Al’s consultants suggested he market his product through what is now known as our Independent Dealer network.

You might think that 50 years would have called for an anniversary celebration a few years earlier. Instead, we celebrate our Independent Dealers, which is why our anniversary was this year.

In total, AMSOIL has more than 28,000 registered Dealers, 600 of whom joined us to celebrate our 50th anniversary.


In total, 11 members of Team AMSOIL were able to celebrate with us, including several individuals from our title-sponsored series, AMSOIL Championship Snocross and AMSOIL Championship Off-Road.

The event began with dinner on Thursday evening, where participants had the opportunity to socialize prior to the weekend’s festivities.

Friday kicked off with a tour of the AMSOIL facilities before heading outside to our influencer event, where sponsored personalities mingled with our attending Dealers.

Thanks to numerous overlapping disciplines, participants were able to trade many AMSOIL stories and experiences. We made sure to stage the Team AMSOIL personalities with their vehicles for unique photo opportunities with the likes of:

On Saturday, the crowd began to disperse in different directions. For many this was just a quick stop in their busy schedules.

Though some stuck around to enjoy the remaining events, everyone was grateful for the opportunity to gather for a few days and share their common love of AMSOIL.

And if that wasn’t enough, we even found time to launch two new products!

by Lindsay Tousignant

AMSOIL Powersports Marketing partnerships and sponsorships for powersports influencers and racing teams.

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AMSOIL 100% Synthetic Hybrid Motor OilAMSOIL 100% Synthetic High-Mileage Motor OilSignature Series Synthetic Motor Oil

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