AMSOIL Joins Seehorn Rally Team for 2018

Spokane, Washington –  Jeff Seehorn and Karen Jankowski of Seehorn Rally Team are pleased to announce that AMSOIL has joined...

August 17, 2018

Spokane, Washington –  Jeff Seehorn and Karen Jankowski of Seehorn Rally Team are pleased to announce that AMSOIL has joined the team as a sponsor for the remainder of the 2018 season.

With three races left in the American Rally Association championship, the team is leading the Limited Open 4wd class and 2nd in the overall national championship. The additional support from AMSOIL will be essential for the team’s success at the final three events of 2018.

AMSOIL INC. is an American corporation based in Superior, Wis. that primarily designs and manufactures synthetic lubricants and other high-performance lubrication-related products. The company’s advertising slogan is “The First in Synthetics,” and in rally racing (like many other forms of motorsports), lubricants are key to a team’s success. With more than 45 years of backing champions in a variety of motorsports, AMSOIL is a perfect choice for rally racing.

Jeff Seehorn, Owner/Driver, Seehorn Rally Team: “I am very excited about our new partnership with AMSOIL.  We need the best products to keep our rally car performing at top spec and AMSOIL has the best synthetics in the industry. We are looking forward to representing AMSOIL and with their help we can stay on top of the podium!”

Kevin Kastner, Racing & Events Manager, AMSOIL:  “AMSOIL has decades of proven products that stand up to the most brutal conditions and provide critical protection for engines, transmissions and drivetrain. Rally racing provides another great arena for AMSOIL to reach hardcore automotive enthusiasts and show them (not just tell them) how serious we are about making the best synthetic lubricants you can buy anywhere.

When ARA kicked off this year, the timing felt right for AMSOIL to get involved in the sport of rally racing in the USA. We joined many other great sponsors to develop a contingency program to support this exciting series. As the season went on, it became clear to us that the Seehorn Rally Team was not only competitive, but had the positive attitude and respect of other racers that we seek in our sponsored teams. Jeff and Karen are going to be great new additions to the #TeamAMSOIL family, and we feel this is the beginning of a winning combination!”

Karen Jankowski, Co-Driver, Seehorn Rally Team: “AMSOIL has been testing their products in various forms of racing for many years. Nothing is more grueling than rally racing so it’s exciting for them to expand their rally program this year to include us. Great people, great products – it’s going to be a fun partnership.”

About Seehorn Rally Team:

A Pacific Northwest based stage rally team out of Spokane Washington competing in events throughout North America. Jeff Seehorn has over 30 yrs experience in motorsports first starting in motorcycle racing and then moving into stage rally racing Subarus. He has won events and championships on both 2 and 4 wheels. Karen Jankowski has been racing in stage rallying in the USA, Canada and Mexico for many years and has multiple overall wins and both 2wd and 4wd class championships.  To learn more, visit