AMSOIL Toughest Tow Contest

The AMSOIL Toughest Tow Contest solicited extreme towing stories about how AMSOIL Signature Series Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid’s reserve protection against...

September 23, 2014

The AMSOIL Toughest Tow Contest solicited extreme towing stories about how AMSOIL Signature Series Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid’s reserve protection against heat and wear ensured top transmission performance. AMSOIL received many impressive stories over the course of the contest, but AMSOIL Dealer and hauler Robert Ransom Williams IV of Mexico Beach, Fla. earned the top prize of $1,000.

When the owner of the largest yacht dealership in Houston, Texas called Williams in Norfolk, Va. on a Wednesday afternoon, he was up against a wall. Five 32’ Scarab center-console boats with twin 250 engines had to be in Houston by Monday afternoon, but three were at dealerships in New Jersey, while the others were on the east coast of Florida.

After a quick call to fellow hauler Donald “Chigger” Andrews for assistance with the New Jersey boats, and consulting with his trusted navigator, basset hound Daisy Lee, Williams accepted the challenge.

“We had two empty triple-axle trailers ready to roll, so within the hour we had both the big Cummins fired up and were headed north toward the Jersey Shore,” said Williams. “My partner, Cindy ‘Big Guns’ Kimmons, had some towing experience, but this was to be her first transcontinental multi-day trip. She was at the helm of my Dodge Ram 2500, while I was in the lead in the Ram 3500 Dually. Both trucks sported legendary Cummins 5.9 turbo-diesel engines and were lubricated with AMSOIL products from stem to stern.”

Reaching Cape May, N.J. by Wednesday night, Williams and Kimmons were making good time, and they spent Thursday driving up the Jersey Shore, loading the boats and going through countless toll booths.

“Friday dawned as we crested the Blue Ridge Mountains,” said Williams. “Both trucks were pulling like angry mules and the boats were riding easy on the big triple trailers. This is when the confidence of knowing you are running AMSOIL ATF really pays off. Yanking 15,000 lbs. over the mountains at 70 mph is a stern test for any automatic transmission, and this tough tow was no exception. ‘Chigger’ was about a half-day behind us, and I seriously wanted to beat him to Houston. Our friendly rivalry pitted my Dodge Rams against his heavy Chevy with a new Allison transmission. He was using AMSOIL ATF in the one-ton dually tow rig, but swore by Rotella to lube the Duramax engine. We would just have to see.”

Williams and Kimmons reached Houston by noon Saturday to unload the first two boats. “We waved to ‘Chigger’ about half an hour west of Beaumont on I-10,” said Williams. “He was making good time, but I could not resist giving him a rev as we were back light-loaded and flying toward the Sunshine State.”

The trucks ran perfectly over the long drive to Daytona, and they were loaded and on their way back to Houston on Sunday. “I was thankful that the weigh stations were closed as the brand-new Scarab beauties we were towing were nearly 10’ wide. Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana – the states were clicking by, our transmissions were running cool and when the sun came up Monday morning, we could see the Houston skyscrapers on the horizon. We were going to make it, and AMSOIL products were a big reason why. Hauls like this one are made possible because of the extended change intervals offered by AMSOIL synthetic lubricants. AMSOIL synthetic gear lube, motor oil and ATF all provide the ability to get the most out of your towing equipment, and we certainly did.

“The Houston dealer was both thrilled and impressed when we pulled into his shop with three hours to spare on Monday. He stroked me a fat check with a big smile on his face and told me that all five boats were being fitted on cradles and were to be loaded on an airplane that afternoon. Destination? Sierra Leone, Africa. Thanks to AMSOIL for making this tough tow possible, uneventful and highly profitable.”