AMSOIL Turns Customer into Dealer

AMSOIL product performance is often the tipping point for customers to become Dealers. Such is the case with Dealer Julian...

November 17, 2016

AMSOIL product performance is often the tipping point for customers to become Dealers.

Julian DhananiSuch is the case with Dealer Julian Dhanani of La Jolla, Calif. “I started using AMSOIL products several years ago when I began modifying the 2006 Honda* Civic Si* I had at the time,” Dhanani said.

Dhanani modified the Honda so he could run it on open track days at the Streets of Willow course in Rosamond, Calif., a 1.6-mile street track. He upgraded the camshafts in the car to use on the track.

After the camshafts were upgraded, the car began consuming more than a quart of oil every week, even though there were no mechanical leaks. “I tried almost every synthetic oil available at an auto parts store and found nothing that could solve the problem,” he said.

Dhanani heard about AMSOIL products through an Internet forum and decided to install AMSOIL Signature Series 5W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil. “It immediately remedied the excessive oil consumption,” Dhanani said. “I continued to change the oil every 3,000 miles because I thought the 15,000-mile severe service interval was an outrageous claim.”

He soon realized the oil continued to look like new when he changed it at 3,000 miles, and he pushed the change intervals further. [The way an oil looks at the change interval does not determine whether it still meets the specifications of serviceable oil.] “I eventually used oil analysis to confirm I could indeed run the oil 15,000 miles/one year, even with moderate engine modifications,” Dhanani said.

He continued using the car on the road and on the track and installed “every AMSOIL product I could use during the last six years I owned the car,” he said.

He eventually returned the car to stock. Personnel at the shop where the aftermarket camshafts were removed asked about their usage.

Dhanani's vehicleThe camshafts had almost 70,000 miles of road and track use at the time. “The (shop people) were in disbelief because the camshafts looked brand new and were easily re-sellable,” he said. “The current owner of the camshafts is enjoying them immensely, even after putting on an additional 15,000 miles and counting, using AMSOIL, of course.”

The shop personnel were so impressed by the camshafts’ condition that they began using AMSOIL products themselves. “Additionally, the first thing I did with my current 2013 Mitsubishi* Evolution* was switch every fluid over to AMSOIL products when I got it home, fresh from the dealership’s lot,” he said. “My experience with AMSOIL products was so profound that I became an independent Dealer and have had the pleasure of sharing its benefits with many family members, friends and customers over the last few years, along with all the ways Dealers can make money for supplemental income.

“Regardless of how much money I make through the business opportunity, I will continue to enjoy AMSOIL products and all of their benefits myself.”

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