Breaking World Records with a “Bad Habit”

When Joey Sylvester began driving monster trucks, he had one goal in mind: beat Bigfoot's longest-jump record? Could he do...

December 6, 2019

Joe Sylvester has a thirst for adrenaline. He’s raced everything from dirt bikes to sprint cars to off-road trucks, but his true passion lies in monster trucks.

Learn a little more on how he’s into showing off below.

Old habits die hard

Sylvester began driving monster trucks in 2006. Right off the bat Sylvester said he was out to break Bigfoot’s world record for the longest jump of 202 feet. As the youngest owner/operator in the sport, Sylvester sought to make a name for himself.

Driving nearly every waking hour and pouring every dime into his truck appropriately named “Bad Habit,” Sylvester sought a world-record jump in 2010.

After a horribly executed practice jump he welded his truck back together in time for his actual jump and made a world-record jump of 208 feet. Not to be outdone, Sylvester jumped 237 feet in 2013 after Dan Runte broke his 2010 record.

Sylvester made his return to monster trucks in 2019 driving for select shows of the Monster Jam Stadium Tour. Later in 2019, he brought back his original world-record-breaking truck Bad Habit, as “Bad Habit Relapsed.”

Cars and coffee

Sylvester also owns High Octane Coffee Company. Mixing automotive culture with in-house roasted coffee, Sylvester overflows his personality and character into his “day job,” making his shops one of a kind. Sylvester hosts local cars and coffee events at his shop as well as with his High Octane Mobile Cafe.

Sylvester is also December’s feature in our AMSOIL Company of Enthusiasts campaign. Learn more about his story and what products he uses here.

Stay tuned for our 2020 Enthusiasts after the first of the year!

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