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Independent AMSOIL Dealer David Huff, in his own words. “I love coming out here in the North Carolina woods,” said...

December 28, 2017

Independent AMSOIL Dealer David Huff, in his own words.

“I love coming out here in the North Carolina woods,” said Huff. “Coming here is like a comfort zone for me. I love deer hunting. I love all forms of hunting. When I come out here prior to the season, I’m creating my food plot. I’ve already had deer coming through.

“If I’m feeding them with food plots and everything, I make sure I have a mixture of food sources for them. [I grow] pinto beans and then I have kidney beans. Soybeans have a very high protein content. And that high protein content results in major racks.

“[I] have a Moultrie Feeder. It has a 200-pound hopper. Two times a day it’s going to put out 15 seconds of corn. It’s like ringing the dinner bell. The deer are coming up here and they’ll eat the cactus. You see all that fluid that’s in that cactus? They love this because it’s sweet. It has a lot of nutrients.

“I want to check on the fruit trees that are here – persimmons, muscadine grape. Deer love those two. I’ve had persimmon pie before and it’s awesome. It’s really going to be an amazing season with all the food sources that we have here now.”

Bow hunting demands patience

“[I] have a TenPoint crossbow. It has 425 foot-pounds of thrust the moment I pull the trigger. So [the arrow travels] 0 to 50 feet like that,” said Huff, snapping his fingers. “You see how I have my target set up against the tree? That’s about approximately 20 to 25 yards, so that’s a good sighting for the first level on my crosshairs in my scope. The objective is to hit the kill zone on the target.”

“You can get anxious up there. You don’t want to get anxious up in that tree and waste a shot. Wait, wait, wait until you have that ultimate broadside shot.”

“You only have one shot, but it makes you a better shot because you have to be more focused. It’s a demanding sport, bow hunting. If you get a shot, you’ve accomplished something. So that’s good target practice there. I’m pleased with my chances for the upcoming season.”

Boosted harvest rate

“We’re going to go to the shooting range today. I will prepare [my gun] to shoot just like I would have it prepared for the next time I go hunting. I used to use WD-40 on my weapons and Hoppe’s and Frog Skin and various other products. As soon as I started using AMSOIL Firearm Cleaner and Protectant, I noticed my harvest rate going up. And I contribute that to using this firearm cleaner and protectant because it has no odor. So I was completely odorless going in the woods.”

Fishing is a family affair

“We love fishing,” said David’s wife, Robin. “I love fishing. I don’t care if I catch anything. I just like to go fishing. He catches the biggest fish when we fish, but I catch more fish. I don’t care if I catch anything. He cares. So that’s why I end up catching more fish.

“For so long, he worked inside a plant for 40 years, and we just really love being outside. It’s like we discover things that we have in common that we didn’t know.”

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