This 2010 Evo X SE Runs on Adrenaline and AMSOIL Synthetic Lubricants

2010 Evo X SE

Mitsubishi Evo owners have always been some of the most loyal and innovative tuner enthusiasts on the scene. These guys are serious about their craft, and Evos afford them endless opportunities to sculpt a standard high-performance vehicle into their very own modified masterpiece. While the Evo is in its last year of production, it will

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Richard Andrew’s Mitsubishi Evo Still Turning Heads After SEMA

Richard Andrews Front

Long after the SEMA show is behind us, our partnerships with some of the nation’s premier vehicle builders continue to pay off. Our talented designers foster the momentum gained from having their vehicles placed in front of thousands in the specialty automotive industry, and many receive high-profile media attention in print, online and social media

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Team Hybrid Celebrates 21 Years of Tuner Excellence

Team Hybrid

It’s been another great year for Team Hybrid, which recently celebrated 21 years in existence as arguably one of the best tuner enthusiast groups on the scene. At its inception, Founder and President James Lin had a vision to organize other like-minded individuals who shared the same passion for modifying their rides into revolutionary works

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2015 AMSOIL Year in Review: Part 2


Yesterday we recapped the AMSOIL product news and events that took place in the first half of the year. Let’s continue our walk down memory lane with the conclusion of the 2015 AMSOIL Year in Review. From summertime road trips to the grand SEMA Show, AMSOIL was in all corners of the engine-driven industry right

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SEMA Spotlight: Pfaff Designs Project “Draggin’ Wagon”

Pfaff Draggin Wagon SEMA 2015

Throughout the week we’ve taken you inside the 2015 SEMA show for a look at the vehicles and action taking place throughout the Las Vegas Convention Center. Before we bid farewell to another great year, let’s take a look at Murray Pfaff’s project Draggin’ Wagon that spent the week at SEMA as an AMSOIL Feature

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One Truck, Four Engines: Gordon Tronson’s Equadoline Turns Heads in AMSOIL Booth at SEMA

AMSOIL Booth Equadoline SEMA

SEMA 2015 is underway and the AMSOIL booth has been busy welcoming the industry masses. We’ve got a great booth display that speaks to enthusiasts of all kinds. We’ve shown you the one-of-a-kind Evo and the nostalgic throwback Super Bee, now it’s time to unveil our third and final vehicle on display this week at

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SEMA Spotlight: Superbee Takes the Stage at SEMA in the AMSOIL Booth

Team Hybrid Superbee

Ken Ticknor of Team Hybrid knows a thing or two about cars and what it takes to make them stand out. His experience as a car show judge has lent insight to what turns an average ride into an award-winning showstopper, and he’s used that knowledge to his advantage. An avid auto enthusiast, Ticknor has

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SEMA Spotlight:Mitsubishi Evo Set to Shine in AMSOIL Booth

Team Hybrid Mirage

Archie Concon of Team Hybrid has made a name for himself in a way no one else has. His well-known Mitsubishi Evo was recently featured in the Japan Special issue of PAS Mag, and has even managed to capture the attention of Mitsubishi executives themselves. In a sea of stand-out tuners, Concon manages to turn

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