Team Hybrid Continues Setting Import Tuner Standard

AMSOIL-sponsored Team Hybrid has dominated the import tuner scene for almost 24 years. The team has perfected the art of...

January 2, 2019

AMSOIL-sponsored Team Hybrid has dominated the import tuner scene for almost 24 years. The team has perfected the art of winning despite heavy competition. Its ever-increasing trophy haul, multiple awards and substantial magazine coverage have proven its stature.

It was another banner year for Team Hybrid, led by President James Lin and his squad of co-leaders (listed at the bottom of this post). Lin and his crew ended 2018 with more high-profile media coverage and a stronger crew of tuner enthusiasts. Read on for an overview of its latest achievements and how Team Hybrid is reinforcing its G.O.A.T status one show and magazine feature at a time.

Hypertune Magazine

Not once, not twice, but four times Hypertune Magazine covered Team Hybrid in its pages. Nevada Chapter’s Anthony Morfin landed a feature in Volume 200 on his Challenger SRT8, aptly titled “An Unstoppable Force & An Immovable Object.” The issue also includes a cover cameo and feature of a Focus ST, owned by Samuel James McKean who is part of the Oxnard chapter. In Volume 202, San Diego Chapter’s Jay Ovid’s FB6 landed a feature titled “The Embodiment of Speed and Style.”

Next was a shout-out at DSPORT Magazine’s IDRC InstaFame event, to which Team Hybrid received a personal invite. The story highlighted its accomplishments and record-breaking success. The article said, “They have won almost every category possible including the highest honors of Best Crew, Biggest Crew, People’s Choice, Editor’s Choice and Best of show, as well as sweep all the categories of these highest honors. Not only have they won all the highest honors multiple times, they were the ones to do it first and consistently win to defend the same accolades for years.” Check out the full story in Volume 199 of Hypertune Magazine.

Earlier in the year Hypertune Volume 198 featured Scott Dean’s E46 M3 BMW dubbed “Rocket Bunny.” It goes without saying, but Hypertune Magazine appears to be a Team Hybrid fan.

Performance Auto & Sound Magazine

PASMAG twice covered Team Hybrid last year. Once was in the inaugural and exclusive KDM issue #149 of June/July 2018, in which SoCal Chapter’s Sunny Suravarapu’s Kia Optima made a cameo on the front cover and a full feature. His was the only Kia Optima in the U.S. selected by PASMAG for this honor. Not only that, Hawaii Chapter’s Brian Calbero’s 2000 Mitsubishi Mirage also landed a feature in April/May issue #148.

Import Face-Off

Once again, Team Hybrid was the team to beat in the 2018 Import Face-Off Series. No one has succeeded in wresting away West Region or National Champion honors for the past decade, and Team Hybrid once again closed the season on top. Here’s what a typical Team Hybrid trophy haul at IFO looks like, this one taking place Dec. 2 in Las Vegas:

  • Best Team Representation “Overall Quality” – Team Hybrid
  • Best Display – Archie Mirage
  • Best Nissan – Cary R32
  • Best 2 Step – Cary R32
  • Best Toyota – Jack RHD MR2
  • Best Scion – Robert xB
  • Best KDM – JT Veloster
  • Best Mitsubishi – Eric EVOX
  • Best Domestic – Tony Challenger
  • Best Domestic Sport Compact – Victor Focus ST
  • Best Push Ups (95) – Tyson
  • 1st Place Honda –  Jay FB6
  • 2nd Place Honda – Justin FK7
Team Hybrid at the Las Vegas Import Face-Off Series

DSPORT Magazine

Back in July DSPORT Magazine showed its Hybrid Luv (the team’s motto) with yet another feature, this time covering its InstaFame game. The team broke records in April after taking home 17 trophies with only a few of its chapters in attendance.

Shows & Awards

We’d be here all day if we mentioned every trophy Team Hybrid won in 2018. Here are a few highlights of what they’ve added to their hardware collection:

  • Tuner Evolution – Anaheim, Calif.: 15 cars, Best Team Participation, 6 awards
  • Elite Tuner Season Opener – Las Vegas: 24 cars, Three Top 25, Best Team Overall Quality, 14 awards
  • InstaFame – Fontana, Calif.: 51 cars, 17 trophies including Best of Show, People’s Choice and Biggest Crew
  • SpoCom – Anaheim, Calif.: 31 cars, 3 booth placements, 8 swords
  • Tuned In Tokyo – Las Vegas: 15 cars, 8 trophies including Most Prestigious Crew, Overall Quality, Best of Show and complete domination of the Mitsubishi category
  • Elite Tuner – Las Vegas: 17 cars, 11 trophies including Elite Best Team, PASMAG Tuner Battlegrounds Winner and another sweep of the Mitsubishi category
  • Hot Import Nights – Honolulu: 11 Cars, Best Team Presentation, two awards
  • IFO – 2018 season from West to the East Coast: West & National Champions once again with 190 points


Team Hybrid doesn’t just win awards; it creates sweet video content from atop Las Vegas buildings:

…and just outside city limits:

Last but not least, Team Hybrid helps represent AMSOIL with professionalism, attention to detail and the X factor so many tuner owners strive to achieve. Stay tuned for much more to come from Team Hybrid and check out more highlights in the gallery below. We can’t wait to see what they have in store for the coming year.

The following Team Hybrid co-leaders/chapter directors help maintain the team’s prestigious status quo: Scott Dean, Archie Concon, Armando Rodriguez, Mike Schambari, Justin Lohorn, Sergio Guevara, Albie Sanchez, Vivek Patel, Brian Bennett, Ryan Tantano and future leaders in training Charleston Penesa and Joshua Santos. “Hybrid Luv” also extends to the Hybrid Family across the mainland U.S., Hawaii and internationally all the way over to Taiwan.

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