Team Hybrid is Still Number One in Custom Tuners

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Jamie Gibson
by Jamie Gibson
August 30, 2023

In a sea of spectacular builds found at car shows, catching eyes can be a difficult task. Team Hybrid has perfected the craft. Those on the scene are no doubt familiar with this long-standing crew that takes home a trophy haul almost everywhere they go. For more than 28 years, Team Hybrid has been a force to be reckoned with in the highly competitive world of show-stopping vehicles that perform as well as they look.

Led by founder & President James Lin, Team Hybrid has seen a steady rise among the ranks of their peers with no signs of stopping. They live and breathe their craft, and it shows in both team mentality and in the results they produce. One of the most consistent themes of Team Hybrid is their ability to show up and win. They also have a knack for landing magazine features, a bucket list goal for any serious builder. We caught up with James Lin to get an update on what they’ve been up to lately. As it turns out, they are still doing what they do best, both on the scene and in magazines.


SPOCOM is the place to see and be seen for automotive enthusiasts. Their trophy is one of the most prestigious and sought-after in the industry, and Team Hybrid holds several. At the 2023 Anaheim SPOCOM, Team Hybrid came in hot with a huge display and added the following hardware to their trophy case:

  • Best Team Display – Team Hybrid
  • 1st Place Mopar – Dodge* Charger*
  • 2nd Place Mopar – Dodge Charger Superbee*
  • 3rd Place Infiniti* – G37
  • 3rd Place BMW* – M4

Import Face-Off Defenders

Team Hybrid makes the rounds each year at several IFO events, and they’re usually the ones to beat. IFO is a huge touring show that draws import tuners to race, show and compete all over the nation. Team Hybrid members are consistently atop the winner’s circle and regularly sweeping the “Best Team Quality” and “Best Team Quantity” category trophies, along with several others.

Team Hybrid had already collected more than 35 wins and trophies in the first quarter of 2023 from IFO alone. If history is any indication, they’ll close out the year with at least triple that number and have a strong shot at taking the overall season win.

PASMag Fame

Landing a magazine feature is a dream come true for any enthusiast, and Team Hybrid has done several. Most recently, member Josh Stubstad made the PASMag cut with his 1993 RDH Toyota* Supra.* This build has undergone extensive mods with an acute attention to detail at every turn.

PASMag also saw the vision in member Jason Helmick’s 2015 Scion* FR-S. Built in memory of his father, this Scion was completely rebuilt with every detail being carefully considered. The custom graphics kit is just one of the first layers people see, and there’s plenty more within that make this one-of-a-kind build a topic of conversation wherever it goes.

Up Next

The mighty SEMA Show in Las Vegas is a huge draw for those in the automotive industry. Being selected to have a vehicle on display is a major accomplishment, and this year Team Hybrid is on deck to bring at least eight of their rides. At a show of this magnitude, it speaks volumes that Team Hybrid returns each year with more to show the masses.

Team Hybrid’s endless pursuit of quality is what led them to AMSOIL years ago. They seek out only the best in parts and modifications to represent their builds with a creed of “Race, Street, Show.”  With such high-performing engines and components, quality lubricants are a must to protect their investments.

AMSOIL was ready to meet the challenge. Together we’ve developed a partnership that showcases what’s possible when builds are done right from the inside out. We can’t wait to see what comes next.

by Jamie Gibson
AMSOIL Marketing and Communications Administrator who enjoys writing about events and destinations.

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