Tiffany Stone’s Trail to SEMA Adventure

“Adventurous” is a good word to describe Tiffany Stone. The Jeep enthusiast, motorsports-programming host and model isn’t afraid to push...

November 19, 2018

“Adventurous” is a good word to describe Tiffany Stone. The Jeep enthusiast, motorsports-programming host and model isn’t afraid to push herself to new heights (sometimes literally – more on that below).

She’s fresh off her latest endeavor called the “Trail to SEMA,” a seven-day off-roading adventure that takes participants through tough, mountain terrain on their way to the famous SEMA Show in Las Vegas.

New to the off-roading world, Stone found herself on this epic journey in her 2018 Jeep Rubicon, running AMSOIL products bumper-to-bumper. We caught up with Stone to see how it went and learn more about the woman behind the wheel. 

Congratulations on completing the Trail to SEMA! Tell us about this amazing adventure.

The Trail to SEMA was the ultimate road trip consisting of seven trails over seven days in four different locations. There were about 16 different Jeeps and I was the newest member to the wheeling community. I learned a lot about off-roading and the capabilities of the Jeep throughout all different types of terrain. Each day was a new experience and I learned something different after every trail. I can’t thank everyone enough who helped me get ready for this adventure and Power Stop for putting together an unforgettable experience.

Where did Trail to SEMA take participants?

Day #1: 21 Road – Grand Junction, Colo.

Day #2: Pritchett Canyon – Moab, Utah

Day #3: Moab Rim – Moab, Utah

Day #4: Milt’s Mile – Sand Hallow – St. George, Utah

Day #5: Double Sammy – Sand Hallow – St. George, Utah

Day #6: Sand Hallow – St. George, Utah

Day #7: Rocky Gap Road – Las Vegas

The whole adventure culminated at the famed SEMA Show. Was this your first time there?

No, this wasn’t my first trip to SEMA. But it seems like every year it just keeps getting bigger and bigger. I feel that this year was the year of the JL! I saw more JLs at SEMA than any other vehicle. It was awesome!

You have an impressive list of modifications on your Jeep. What’s next? 

There are a few things that I want to add, including the Rancho RockGEAR and an upgraded skid plate. I’m also looking to change the fenders and update the back bumper to a CrawlTek Revolution bumper. Luckily, Unlimited Off-Road Centers in Fenton, Mich., did such a great job getting me prepared for “Trail to SEMA,” I know that whatever mods I do next, I will be happy with the setup.

See the full list of mods below.

Do you have any previous experience using AMSOIL products?

This was my first time using AMSOIL products, and it was so nice being able to use a trusted product after my 5,000-mile-plus trip out west and back.

What was your favorite day/location on the Trail to SEMA?

My favorite part of Trail to SEMA was day three on Moab Rim. I was very nervous about this trail only because you have a 200-ft drop on either side of you at different times. However, the views at the top and on the way down are breathtaking. And, I conquered my fear of heights that day!

Tell us your most memorable moment during this adventure.

My most memorable moment of the trip was completing day one in Grand Junction, Colo. I have never really wheeled before and being able to finish 21 Road was a huge accomplishment for me, especially because I knew the next day we were wheeling the hardest trail – Pritchett Canyon in Moab – and I wasn’t sure I was even going to finish.

However, I was able to complete the trail with some help from the others on the 18.8-mile trail with me. One thing I know is that none of this would have been possible if I hadn’t completed the trail on the first day. Finishing that day gave me the confidence to believe in myself and increased my determination to finish.

Do you have a dream vehicle build if you could choose any? 

I am very partial to old-school muscle cars, being from Detroit and all, so I think being able to restore one to its original state would be an amazing project. Not sure which vehicle I would want to restore, but I think that every vehicle has a story, so it would be a great experience no matter what.

Rules to live by?

I sometimes come up with inspirational and funny sayings and call them #TStoneRulesToLiveBy. They usually make me laugh when I think of them and so I decided to write them all down because I wanted to share them and make other people laugh. You can find them on Instagram at @tstonerulestoliveby.

AMSOIL products installed:

Signature Series 5W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil

Synthetic Multi-Vehicle ATF

SEVERE GEAR 75W-90 Gear Lube

Passenger Car/Light Truck Antifreeze & Coolant

Dominator® Coolant Boost

DOT 3 and 4 Brake Fluid

P.i. Performance Improver

Synthetic Multi-Purpose Grease

Full modification list:


Rancho Suspension

2” Sport Lift Kit


Dynomax Performance Exhaust

Dual 2.5” Axel-Back System – Super Turbo


Vision Wheel

17” Creep in Bronze


BF Goodrich



Blaze Front w/20” lightbar


Warn Industries


Refrigerator/Freezer Combo:

Black Forest Gear

Trail Oven:

Black Forest Gear


Pro Eagle

2-Ton Big Wheel Off Road Jack “The Beast” & Mount Combo


Rugged Radios