11 Easy Tips to Make Your Car Last Longer: Advice from AMSOIL Gearheads

Jeep Wrangler - Car Maintenance TipsI’ll be honest – I can’t drop a new set of gears in a rear differential or install a performance cam. I have lofty dreams of owning a red Jeep Wrangler, but real wrench turning might lie beyond my particular skill set. Luckily, I work among a legion of gearheads.

Our generous car gurus offered a few quick and dirty tips to help me protect my current ride. I requested that they keep a tight budget in mind (I’ll have to watch my wallet if I want that Wrangler). The following tips to make your car last longer are easy enough for a noob like me, but also applicable to the most seasoned enthusiast.

11 Tips to Make Your Car Last Longer

Protect Your Car from the Elements

  1. Keep your car clean

Here in the northern tundra, rust and corrosion from road salt can quickly deteriorate a vehicle’s frame and body. For those who enjoy taking the scenic route, mud and dirt can produce similar effects. These situations are unavoidable. You can’t stay in all winter or avoid every dusty road. Here’s one solution: AMSOIL recently reformulated Heavy-Duty Metal Protector and it works wonders in harsh environments.


Bonus Tip : Wash and wax your car by hand. Instead of running through the automated carwash, use the manual lane or wash and wax your car by hand at home.  You’ll find any scratches or chipped paint that needs to be touched up before the exposed metal begins to rust.

  1. Protect your car from corrosion

Whether you live near the coast or where road salt is applied in winter, your vehicle is exposed to corrosion.  Get it undercoated and have the corrosion inhibitor sprayed in all the nooks and crannies. This will help protect your vehicle from corroding and keep it looking great for years.

  1. Wax that paint

UV rays are tough on paint.  Over time, the sun will wear away the luster of your vehicle and dull the paint.  Wax your vehicle at least once a year to keep the color brilliant.

  1. Protect the leather

Use and abuse can dry leather out, creating cracks that leave your seat looking like the Grand Canyon. Clean and protect your leather and it will continue to be easy on your eyes and your backside.

  1. Use a garage

Parking indoors reduces exposure to the UV radiation that dulls your paint over time.

Check the Fluids. Do the Car Maintenance.

Time for an Oil Change

  1. Keep to the schedule

Your owner’s manual provides a recommended schedule for maintenance.  Follow it.  You’ll prevent expensive surprises from mechanical failures.  Also, the resale value of your vehicle will be greater if you have complete maintenance records.

  1. Pay attention to your car’s fluid levels

There are a number of fluids used in our cars today. By taking time to periodically check fluid levels, you will keep your vehicle running optimally. Oil, antifreeze/coolant, tranny fluid, brake fluid – all function best when they have the proper fill. If your oil level or antifreeze drops off faster than normal, it can serve as an indicator of an issue you can address before it becomes a more serious problem.

  1. Change your brake fluid often

Brakes are another overlooked maintenance item (and the AAA agrees). Brake fluid is missed by 88 percent of motorists.  Changing it often and using a quality fluid will increase the life of your brake system.

Easy tips to Extend Car Life - Maintenance Tips

  1. Change your air filter

This might be the easiest task to complete on the list, but it’s often overlooked. The air filter is often housed in a black box in your engine bay. If you’re unsure where it is, check your owner’s manual for the location and how to replace it. The air intake pumps up to 10,000 gallons of clean air (thanks to the air filter) into the engine for every gallon of gas.

  1. Keep it cool

    Antifreeze Coolant

Your car relies heavily on engine coolant. Without it, breakdown and engine failure loom in the distance. Antifreeze/coolant keeps the water in your system from boiling or freezing depending on the environment in which you live. For those that overlook this maintenance item, try a long-life product like AMSOIL Antifreeze & Coolant which lasts 150,000 miles or five years, whichever comes first.

Shameless plug: AMSOIL Antifreeze and Coolant. A lot of vehicles end up in the shop due to coolant system problems. A quality coolant can prevent many of those issues.

The Big Easy

  1. Drive your car

Only using your vehicle for short trips or letting it sit for extended periods can lead to problems.  Drive for at least an hour every month or so to bring the engine oil and other fluids up to operating temperature. This will allow any water in the fluids to evaporate and keep the seals lubricated to prevent leaks.

Whether you drive a Datsun (anyone?) or a Civic, these tips might help you hit the 300K mile mark. Why not aim high? I’m at 130K and the RAV4 is still purring. Well, it’s pleasantly vibrating, anyway.

Driving Away - Car Maintenance Tips

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  1. Honestly speaking, This a best article about tips to make a car last longer. I will keep in mind your tips and It will help me to keep my car last longer.

  2. All the points which are shown in this blog are very important to make our car last longer. Thank you for sharing this blog.

  3. Undoubtedly, routine maintenance is the key to prolong the lifespan of a vehicle. Some people often ignore the importance of routine maintenance which could have a negative influence on the performance of the vehicle. Apart from this, the appearance of warning sign like the check engine light shouldn’t be ignored and the reason behind the appearance of such sign should be identified and repaired in time to keep the vehicle in working order.

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  5. Couldn’t agree. Regular maintenance of the car is really necessary to keep the car in working order. Some people don’t pay proper attention towards the regular maintenance of the vehicle which could influence the performance of the vehicle in a very adverse way. So, different components of the vehicle should be inspected at a regular interval to identify and repair abnormal components. Apart from this, the car should be washed and waxed properly to protect it from different types of foreign bodies.

  6. To keep your car in a good condition and if you want it to run for a longer time you need to keep those points in your mind .Washing your car is a must. Thanks for the article.Very informative and helpful.

  7. Thank you for all the tips on how to make your car last longer. I just bought a new used car, and I would love to make sure it lasts a while for my son. I’m glad you mentioned that taking the time to periodically check fluid levels will help keep the car running optimally. I will have to make sure I check all the fluids often.

  8. Conventional vehicles normally fail to give 100000 serviceable miles without genuine attention. But fortunately the technology has advanced a lot, and the modern day automobiles are quite efficient in performing at least up to 20000 miles even if the vehicle owner gives less attention to the maintenance and servicing. But if a car parent truly wants to make his road companion last longer, then he has to keep up with the recommended auto maintenance schedule. Brake maintenance, wheel bearing maintenance, transmission and suspension service, battery care, coolant flush, windshield and spark plug replacement, periodic detailing- are some of the requisite auto aftercare assignments that every vehicle owner should do either on their own or with the help of an experienced auto professional in order to keep their speed machine healthy and functional for a longer period of time.

  9. Vehicle needs maintenance at a regular interval. I like your suggestion to inspect the condition of the air filter at a regular interval. Air filter plays very important role. It prevents contaminants from entering the cabin of the vehicle. By doing so, it prevents contaminants from affecting different internal parts of the vehicle as well as the health of the passenger. So, the condition of the air filter needs to be evaluated and if any types of damage is found, then it should be immediately repaired or replaced.

  10. Wash and wax your car regularly to keep your car in good condition is really necessary. Believe it or not, washing your car is more than just about attractive. When you don’t wash your car, all the dust particles contaminants in the air start to collect on to its body. Over time, that coat of dirt will make your car unattractive. Eventually the paint will start to oxidize and turn into rust. And if that rust goes beyond the surface of the paint, gets into the metal work. Rust is the begging for damaging a to a car, and once it reaches the body panels it spreads to other parts. Rust may even spread to the frame and chassis, which will render the car completely unsafe to drive. So it is better to clean your car regularly.

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