Video: See How AMSOIL Snocross Mechanics Prep the Sleds for the Season

They say behind every great athlete is a great coach.

In the world of snocross racing, behind every great racer is a great mechanic wrenching on his sled. But they don’t only provide mechanical support. They also support the riders while they’re on the track, encouraging them along the course, indicating which lines to choose and what moves to make.

They even know what to get a racer for Christmas. Check out their suggestions below.


As we discussed a few weeks ago, the new Pro Class rule implemented for the 2017-18 AMSOIL Championship Snocross Season that bans engine modifications has caused quite a stir. Though one thing we did not touch on was what happens inside the trailer. Many opposed the rule change because, they said, it will stifle the mechanics’ innovation, allowing them to do less to modify the sleds.

While the rule change raised concern, top snocross teams Scheuring Speed Sports and Judnick Motorsports haven’t seen less wrenching in the pits as of yet.

Scheuring Speed Sports employs two full-time and one seasonal mechanic. Judnick Motorsports uses a full-time mechanic from Polaris and one part-time mechanic specifically in the Judnick trailer for the season. Sport rider Carson Alread’s dad works on his sled at the track. A brand-new model from Ski-Doo and the need to adjust each sled to fit the the racers’ riding styles means there’s still plenty of activity in the trailers.

We recently took a trip up to Aurora, Minn., where both teams were testing prior to the start of the AMSOIL Championship Snocross season. Watch below as team mechanics describe how they prep the sleds for individual racers and the season.

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