What is Silicone Spray?

Silicone spray is a highly effective lubricant for a wide array of vehicle and household applications.

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AMSOIL Silicone Spray
by Joel Youngman
May 25, 2022

Silicone finds uses in everything from cookware to the aerospace industry to lubrication, but what is silicone spray and where can you use it?

Silicone spray is a highly effective lubricant for a wide array of vehicle and household applications. It’s ideal for lubricating surfaces that may be damaged by conventional lubricants such as grease or oil, and it also helps prevent the cracking and drying of rubber and locks out moisture.

AMSOIL Silicone Spray provides outstanding lubrication protection for rubber, nylon, plastics, upholstery, vinyl, wood, cardboard, fiberglass and other nonmetal surfaces. Check out these 12 uses for this versatile product:

Wiper Blades

Spray onto wiper-blade frames to prevent them from freezing in cooler weather.

Weather Stripping

Spray silicone spray onto weather stripping and seals to prevent frozen vehicle doors and windows.


Waterproof leather boots, shoes, jackets, suede and more. For leather and sensitive surfaces, initially apply to a small area. Silicone Spray will not damage leather, but may slightly alter the color or hue.

Sliding Windows And Doors

Spray window and door tracks for easy sliding action.


Fully extend and lightly spray a slow-moving seatbelt as it retracts.

Vehicle Windows

Spray onto car-window tracks and seals to get slow and stalled power windows moving again. Use the straw tip for precise application.

Door Lock Cylinders

Spray lock cylinders to keep them in working order.

Hinges And Latches

Spray your vehicle’s hinges and latches to keep them working smoothly and prevent rust buildup.

Garage Door

Spray on your garage-door track to keep your garage door moving quickly and smoothly.


Spray onto zippers to extend their lives and keep them moving smoothly. Be sure to clean any dirt and grime from the zipper before spraying.

Snow-Removal Equipment

Spray onto shovels, snowblower chutes and augers, plows and skid-steer buckets to prevent snow from sticking.

Residue And Scuffs

Spray and easily remove stubborn stickers, glue residue and scuff marks.

Silicone spray is a versatile lubricant that helps keep a variety of items working well. Keep a can in the house and garage and you’ll always find a use for it.

by Joel Youngman

AMSOIL Lead Technical Writer for more than two decades.

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AMSOIL Silicone Spray