What Oil Does the Fastest GT-R in Central America Use?

aa Migration 3One of the exciting things about having been involved in AMSOIL advertising more than two decades is all the great testimonials and stories we hear about, some that we can’t even talk about.

Last year we received word about a superteam of builders in Panama dedicated to fast cars. Check out this video which is now on YouTube featuring the first Nissan GTR to produce a 9 second run in the quarter mile. The video has all the drama of a Kubrick film, with the camera telling the story, and the musical accompaniment amplifying the adrenalin flow. If you love watching that passion for performance and the quest for perfection, you’ll enjoy what Race Lab Motorsports is doing in Panama.

Oh, to answer the question in the headline, it’s AMSOIL of course. And something tells me that the best is yet to come.

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