2019 AMSOIL Engine Masters Challenge Wrap-up

Patrick Blair returned to Engine Masters Challenge after 11 years away and took the win. But if there was a...

October 9, 2019

The 2019 AMSOIL Engine Masters Challenge was another for the books. With 13 engines competing in the Vintage Iron class and two engines in the Extreme LS class, it was a busy week at JE Pistons in Mentor, Ohio. SAM Tech walked away with the win for Extreme LS with its LS 440 putting out 800 horsepower. The main story of the week, though, was Blair Patrick’s triumphant return to Engine Masters Challenge.

Engine Masters Challenge

Blair Patrick takes the win

After 11 years away, Patrick showed up intent on taking the Early Iron Class. With the perfect rule set for his skills, Patrick knew this was the year for him. The other competitors knew it, too. “If anyone beats him, they are going to earn it,” said competitor Daniel Boshears back in February when he found out Patrick had entered the competition.

Boshears was correct, and Patrick’s 400 FE Ford didn’t disappoint, reaching a peak of 597 horsepower.

Engine Masters Challenge

Patrick put our AMSOIL Signature Series 0W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil to the test during this competition. During the teardown to declare him the winner, we saw what his engine looked like after 39 dyno pulls. As you can see below, his bearings came out with no noticeable wear, while the lines used for checking clearance were still visible.

AMSOIL synthetic motor oil

“Let’s try to fix it”

Aside from the winners, nothing showed the true nature of Engine Masters Challenge like Daniel Boshears’ engine.

Boshears arrived with an engine he had finished building just 18 hours before it went on the dyno. I’m not lying. The Wednesday before the challenge he was out in his driveway on a lawnmower trailer in the dark with a rod grinder trying to fit rod bearings from a big-block Oldsmobile into a Ford engine. Don’t believe me? See the proof here.  

He gave it a good shot right off the bat on the dyno despite not having broken-in the engine. No luck. With flames shooting from the carburetor, his attempt didn’t look promising.

In true Engine Masters Challenge fashion, competitors Barry Robotnick, Jon Kaase and Adney Brown jumped in and helped diagnose a loose rocker arm. As Robotnick said after, “You don’t want anyone to work that hard and press that much and walk away with nothing.” With the help of all the competitors, Boshears was able to pull off three strong runs.

For more about the 2019 AMSOIL Engine Masters Challenge, visit the HOT ROD website.

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