8 Awesome Uses for AMSOIL Metal Protector (MP)

We all know AMSOIL MP works great to loosen rusted bolts, free stuck nuts and stop pesky squeaks, but try...

January 7, 2021

The Internet is full of life hacks (such as these uses for AMSOIL Metal Protector) that encourage the use of common household products for not-so-common purposes. As long as they work, these hacks can be incredibly convenient, while increasing the overall usefulness of everyday items.

A quick Google search reveals a variety of vehicle hacks that make use of non-vehicle-related products to solve problems.

Cola works great as a corrosion remover on your car battery terminals. You can also clean your headlights with whitening toothpaste, conceal paint scratches with nail polish and clear ice from your door handles with hand sanitizer (you’re carrying that with you anyway, right?).

Don’t forget kitty litter works great for soaking up that puddle of motor oil that missed the drain pan. You can also throw a bag or two in the trunk to help with traction on those slippery winter roads. The list goes on and on.

With that in mind, here’s an albeit partial list of alternative uses for AMSOIL Metal Protector (MP). We all know it works great to loosen rusted bolts, free stuck nuts and stop pesky squeaks, but try some of these alternative uses if you get a chance.

Try these great uses for AMSOIL Metal Protector (MP)

Uses for AMSOIL Metal Protector

1. No squirrels allowed

Spray it on your metal or PVC bird-feeder post to keep squirrels from raiding it. Grab some popcorn and cola – unless you used it all on de-corroding your battery cables – and enjoy watching the varmints slip-sliding up and down the first 20 inches of your bird-feeder post.

2. More SPAM, please

On those occasions when you eat too much SPAM and your sodium intake makes your fingers balloon like Vienna sausages, use a squirt of MP to twist off your rings.

3. Hold still, dear

Your kid falls asleep with gum in her mouth and it ends up in her hair in the morning, like a chunk of tar in a hay bale. Ouch for her. But an ounce of AMSOIL Metal Protector will do the trick.

Alternative uses for Metal Protector.

4. I love it when your parents visit

When your mother-in-law fails to use a coaster for her drippy coffee cup for a hundred years and the coffee table shows the stains, some elbow grease and a splotch of AMSOIL Metal Protector will clear it up.


5. Flush away filth

If lime and rust stains compromise the aesthetics of your toilet bowl, a spray of AMSOIL Metal Protector, followed by the application of a standard toilet brush, will have it gleaming in no time.

6. More work, less hassle

Another great alternative uses for AMSOIL Metal Protector is to spray your shovel or garden spade so dirt and clay won’t stick, resulting in fewer calluses and cuss words. Same with your snow shovel.

7. No hornets or wasps allowed

AMSOIL MP is a great product and everyone loves it. Except stinging wasps and hornets. Spray MP under eves and soffits, and wasps and hornets will choose somewhere else to build their nests.

8. It’s good for the sole

Finally, when you inevitably step in “it,” most assuredly on your way to a job interview or a first date, use a spray of MP to get the stinky mess off the sole of your shoe and get on with making a stink-free good impression!

Do you have any alternative uses for AMSOIL Metal Protector? Let us know in the comments.

Updated. Originally published July 14, 2017.