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Every week, AMSOIL Technical Services fields phone calls and emails from AMSOIL Dealers, Preferred Customers, accounts and those simply interested...

October 2, 2014

Every week, AMSOIL Technical Services fields phone calls and emails from AMSOIL Dealers, Preferred Customers, accounts and those simply interested in motor oil. The department’s goal is not only to provide quick and accurate answers, but to be the industry standard-bearer for accessibility and customer service. Technical Services Manager Don Zupec spoke with AMSOIL about Tech Services’ primary role, how customers and Dealers can best use Tech Services and more.

AMSOIL: Describe the Tech Services Department and the training its members receive.

Zupec: We have a well-rounded team that includes former mechanics, service writers and customer service personnel. When hired, each member embarks on a six-week training program that provides a solid foundation of AMSOIL business and product knowledge. Obtaining this foundational knowledge is critical. That is why reps don’t pick-up a phone or answer an email until they successfully complete the training program. In addition to initial training, ongoing training is always occurring, which is necessary to keep up with changes in the industry and to maintain sharp customer service skills.

AMSOIL: What common questions does Tech receive?

Zupec: We receive a full range of questions; for example, many people inquire if it’s safe to use AMSOIL synthetic motor oil in new engines or engines with higher miles. The answer to both is yes. In fact, AMSOIL synthetic motor oil can help clean up and improve the overall performance of higher mileage engines. Before switching, it’s a good idea to ensure the engine is mechanically sound, doesn’t leak oil or demonstrate other mechanical deficiencies. AMSOIL motor oil is also perfectly safe in new engines as well. In fact, many vehicles now come factory-filled with synthetic oil.

AMSOIL: Can you provide any other examples?

Zupec: Questions about compatibility offer another example. Customers often ask if AMSOIL synthetic lubricants are compatible with conventional lubricants, or if AMSOIL fuel additives may be mixed. Again, the answer to both is yes. AMSOIL synthetic lubricants may be mixed with conventional lubricants; however, doing so could reduce performance and shorten the lubricant’s service life. AMSOIL doesn’t support extended-drain intervals where lubricants have been mixed.

Fuel additives may also be mixed. Be sure to use them in accordance with their instructions and treat rates. It’s also a good idea to mix them in the gas tank or gas can, as opposed to mixing prior to adding to the gasoline.

AMSOIL: What are some tips that can improve the resolution time for customer inquiries?

Zupec: Dealers and customers who just need basic product recommendation information are encouraged to contact their sponsoring Dealers or the online product lookup guides first. In addition, when customers call Tech Services to learn what products are best-suited for their applications, being able to communicate the year/make/model/engine size of the application is very important to a speedy resolution.

AMSOIL: How has Tech Services evolved over the years?

Zupec: In the early years, Technical Services’ primary responsibility was to provide technical assistance to AMSOIL Direct Jobbers. Although still important, Tech Services now provides that same high level of access to all Dealers, accounts and customers. Also, the number of inquiries we handle on a daily basis has increased as the company has grown.

With more and more AMSOIL Dealers and customers, the demand for technical support increases as well. We are busy from the time the doors open to the time we turn off the lights each night.

AMSOIL: What types of calls and emails do you receive from customers?

Zupec: Just the other day I spoke with someone who had switched to AMSOIL Signature Series Synthetic Motor Oil 18 months ago. The customer was ecstatic about the money he saved by only having to change his oil one time over the past year, and he also saw an uptick in fuel mileage. In his words, he’s now a customer for life. Due to the quality of AMSOIL products, calls like these are common.

AMSOIL: Are you aware of another oil manufacturer with technical personnel as accessible as AMSOIL personnel?

Zupec: There are others that provide technical support, but not all provide the accessibility we do. For instance, some only provide email access for technical inquiries. The ability to talk to a person and build relationships is important to our customers and Dealers. We pride ourselves on providing that accessibility, and in many cases we have built strong relationships with many of our customers and Dealers.

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