AMSOIL Renovation Continues

In preparation for continued growth, AMSOIL has invested money back into the company through expansion and renovation projects at multiple locations....

October 2, 2014

In preparation for continued growth, AMSOIL has invested money back into the company through expansion and renovation projects at multiple locations.

An Era of Unprecedented Growth

The transformation of the AMSOIL Center into one of the most advanced synthetic lubricant manufacturing and packaging facilities in the industry began in 2004. Continual yearly growth required the company to move from its previous facility into a more spacious building that offered more potential for future expansion. Three years after purchasing the Center, AMSOIL initiated an ambitious project that added 40,000 square feet, increasing total size to over 400,000 square feet. The expansion included installation of the industry’s most advanced blending equipment to increase efficiency and maintain the high level of quality demanded of AMSOIL lubricants. Fifty-nine new storage tanks were added, and an indoor tank farm constructed, increasing volume to 2.4 million gallons. AMSOIL also redesigned its laboratory, ensuring production of only the highest-quality lubricants possible. When completed, production capacity increased 250 percent and laid the foundation for even higher levels of growth moving forward.

Recent Additions

Renovation ContinuesSince the 2007 project, AMSOIL has continued to invest heavily in new technologies. Examples include in-line weigh scales on the quart packaging line, additional packaging lines that add versatility and updated lab equipment.

The AMSOIL Center now features a larger product showroom for customers. New product testing and validation equipment is up and running. “Adding to our product testing capabilities streamlines product development, helping new products and test results reach end-users sooner,” said Scott Davis, Vice President of Operations. Additions include multiple engine dynamometers that increase the ability of AMSOIL to test its lubricants in all types of applications, from relatively small powersports engines to high-powered racing engines. Adding to its product testing and validation capabilities allows AMSOIL to maintain its lubricants’ high levels of performance in today’s demanding applications.

More Test Results Available

Customers have long relied on  test results to make educated purchasing decisions. The current demand for comparative testing and technical studies is outstripping the capability to produce them. In response, AMSOIL made adding more testing equipment a top priority. The expanded catalog of test results soon available will provide the foundation for new and convincing marketing materials that allow AMSOIL lubricants to stand further apart from competing products. “Dealers and customers will have even greater access to concrete evidence of product performance, including comparative teardown pictures and graphs depicting viscometrics, horsepower and other parameters,” said Executive Vice President and COO Alan Amatuzio. “The sky is the limit as to how we can expand our testing capabilities.”

Strong Future in Sight

Throughout its existence, AMSOIL has operated with a long-range philosophy of strategic expansion and improvements to its infrastructure in Superior and around North America. As other companies remain static in this sluggish economy, AMSOIL has continued to reinvest in the company. “AMSOIL plans 5-10 years down the road and beyond, placing the company and Dealers in the most healthy financial position,” said Executive Vice President and CFO Dean Alexander. “Our committment to growth showcases the attention to detail and performance values that have driven the company since the very beginning.”

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