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Independent AMSOIL Dealer Andriy Dyachuk, in his own words. “It’s a great thing when you drive around and see a machine...

December 28, 2017

Independent AMSOIL Dealer Andriy Dyachuk, in his own words.

“It’s a great thing when you drive around and see a machine shop (or other business). That’s my account. Any shop you can stop by and just simply ask, ‘Do you know about AMSOIL?’ And you go from there. That’s my account.

“I’m Andriy Dyachuk. I was born in Sevastopol in Crimea, Ukraine, and grow up in Izmail in South Ukraine on the Black Sea. I get in very big political disagreement in the local government, (and had) two attempts on my life. So I had to go underground for a couple months until I had the ability to leave the country.”


“I come here. I was 31 years old with no money, no friends, no language. I had $70 in my pocket. That’s all. I would never think I’m going to end up here in the United States. Growing in the Soviet Union, it’s an impossible feat. You don’t even think about it because it’s like going to Mars or something. You cannot do anything on your own. You cannot have your business. You cannot think for yourself, decide for yourself. I really, really appreciate my life and (that I ended) up here in this great country.

“The way I do business, I would rather see the person face-to-face. This can give you more (opportunities for a) personal relationship, and basically people are buying you. They’re not buying product.”

“The greatest benefits, I think, in this business (is that) you’re actually helping people, helping people to save money, save their equipment. There’s just not a lot of businesses that you can admit you can do that.”

Driven to succeed

“I like to drive a lot. I like to see the scenery, go around the country, see the people, talk to people. Wherever I go, it’s very nice, nice people. I like doing what I do. My truck is an F-250 2014 with the 6.7 turbodiesel. I got it used with 15,000 miles. Right now I have almost 99,000 miles in two years.

“You can (get) a feel (for) how much I drive. It’s got custom paint with AMSOIL wrap on it. I modeled the AMSOIL wrap on the (Scott) Douglas AMSOIL racing team. I’m planning to keep my truck as long as I can so I want to beat those guys who go a million miles and brag about it. I want to go two (million) and then brag about it.

I’d like to double my profit at least, hopefully, every year

“Maybe in 10, 15 years, (I’ll) kind of retire. I still want to do the business, but in my free time I want to get a nice sailboat and travel the world, see new places, enjoy life to the fullest. You know, you live one time so you better enjoy it.

“It’s not a lottery. It’s called work. It’s enjoyable, hard work, but it’s hard work that gives you big results. No limits in this business. That’s what I think is great about AMSOIL. It’s an American dream.”

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