European Motor Oils Refresh

We’ve revamped European Car Formula with a new look and feel, including renaming it 100% Synthetic European Motor Oil to...

September 2, 2020

We’ve revamped European Car Formula with a new look and feel, including renaming it 100% Synthetic European Motor Oil to indicate coverage of both cars and trucks. The product line features updated packaging and labels that better differentiate full-SAPS, mid-SAPS and low-SAPS formulas. We also added two new 0W-20 viscosities that fill the unique specifications of certain European engines.

AMSOIL 100% Synthetic European Motor Oil (EFO, EFM, AEL, AFL) continues to provide the same great performance.

  • Engineered to meet European manufacturers’ specifications
  • Excellent protection for the unique needs of gasoline, diesel and hybrid European vehicles
  • Fights sludge for superior engine cleanliness

Updated labels and packaging? Yes

Date Available? September (as current inventory is depleted)

Formulation change? No

New stock numbers? No

Price change? No

New SAE 0W-20 LS and SAE 0W-20 LS-VW European Motor Oils (AFE, EZT) have been added to the family and are recommended for European engines that require 0W-20 motor oil.

Two 0W-20 Products?

You may be wondering why we’re introducing two separate 0W-20 products. While both products are the same viscosity, the specifications they carry are quite different and require unique engineering to meet the needs of these highly specialized engines. Both products offer the same benefits as all the other viscosities.

SAPS Identification

Many European vehicles available in North America feature gasoline and diesel engines with emissions systems that are highly sensitive to the SAPS (sulfated ash, phosphorus and sulfur) content of motor oil. SAPS are common oil additives that provide desirable performance properties, including detergency and protection against wear and oxidation. Different emissions systems require different SAPS levels – it’s not one-size fits-all. Our updated European motor oil line has labels that feature FS, MS and LS identification to help differentiate between full-SAPS, mid-SAPS and low-SAPS.

Complete Coverage

AMSOIL European Motor Oil meets and often exceeds strict European manufacturer specifications. Its shear-stable synthetic base oils and high-quality anti-wear additives provide outstanding protection in high-temperature conditions and deliver dependable performance throughout the long drain intervals recommended by European manufacturers.

Superior Engine Cleanliness

The excellent oxidation stability, heat resistance and detergency properties of AMSOIL European Motor Oil help keep engines clean. It is designed to prevent sludge and varnish deposits, reduce oil consumption, extend engine life and provide maximum performance.

Excellent For Turbochargers

AMSOIL European Motor Oil has a robust composition that shields engines from the high temperatures produced by turbochargers. Its thermally stable oil formulation resists deposit formation and cools turbochargers. Its low pour point protects turbochargers against oil starvation in subzero temperatures and ensures a rapid return to appropriate oil pressure at startup.