Riding to Sturgis? Try These Tips.

Rolling to Sturgis? We’ve got some motorcycle riding tips to help make your rally a success.

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Lindsay Tousignant
by Lindsay Tousignant
July 19, 2022

Sturgis is a bucket-list destination for most riders. Each year thousands upon thousands descend on Sturgis, S.D. and turn the small, sleepy town into a motorcycle mecca. Here are a few tips if you’re riding to Sturgis for the 2022 rally.

Tips for riding to Sturgis

It’s easy to become overwhelmed with the sights and sounds of Sturgis.

Leaving room for spontaneity is essential, meaning you don’t need a minute-by-minute itinerary. But having some guidelines ensures you are in the right place at the right time, whatever your dining/entertainment/riding needs.

Before you leave, check out the event schedule to see what’s in store throughout the week and plan accordingly.

Riding to Sturgis.

Prepare your bike

Nothing is worse than a roadside breakdown, whether on Main Street in Sturgis or en route to and from the rally. Ensuring your bike is roadworthy for the miles ahead is one of the most important motorcycle riding tips to follow.

Check your tires for proper inflation and good tread; chain/belt condition; brakes; lights and, of course, fluids.

A fresh oil change with AMSOIL Synthetic Motorcycle Oil will help your engine deliver peak performance despite the intense heat Sturgis is famous for.

Pack accordingly

Sturgis can get hot. Very hot.

Bring light-colored clothing that breathes and reflects the sunlight. Long sleeves are a must to prevent windburn, so bring something light and easy to take on and off before and after the ride. Don’t forget sunscreen to protect you during the long hours you’ll spend out in the open.

While in the area, check out our 4 must-ride cruise routes every Sturgis biker should experience.

Stay hydrated

Did we mention Sturgis can get hot?

Staying hydrated is key to staying alert and refreshed while clocking miles under the sun. Plan rest stops around gas stations and waysides, and restock your drinking fluids often.

Main Street at Sturgis.

Be prepared for lots of bikes. And wildlife.

Driving alongside a large pack of bikes takes skill and confidence in your riding abilities.

Be aware of your surroundings at all times and practice safe riding habits to keep yourself and those around you out of harm’s way.

Additionally, South Dakota has deer, bison, coyotes, sheep and other animals roaming the frontier and wandering onto roadways. A key motorcycle riding tip around Sturgis is to be alert to their presence and avoid riding at night.

Have fun

Most importantly, have fun and enjoy making memories at the largest motorcycle rally in the U.S.

Expect to see thousands of enthusiasts who share your passion for riding and see a ton of awesome custom bikes.

When the rally draws to a close, expect to leave with plans for your next trip to the historic Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

AMSOIL oil-change locations if you’re riding to Sturgis

Want to give your bike the protection it needs? Stop by one of our locations to get your oil changed before the ride home.

  • AMSOIL Corporate Booth – 964 Main St. in downtown Sturgis
  • Pappy Hole Campground
  • Tatanka Road – Exit 55 I-90 in Rapid City

Updated. Originally published Aug. 1, 2017.

by Lindsay Tousignant

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