Gordon Tronson: The Epitome of Awesome

He's built his own Lamborghini, a Harley that runs on four engines, a 4,000-hp Econoline and a reputation as eccentric...

October 1, 2019

Gordon Tronson crossed the ocean from New Zealand to North America with a single goal in mind: to own a Ford Mustang.

After landing in Canada, it took him just two weeks to accomplish his mission. His voyage to North America eventually led him to become a bona fide star in the realm of one-off custom vehicles.

Horsepower knows no bounds

A lifelong muscle-car enthusiast, Tronson found his calling while working in an engineering shop and discovering the capabilities of a V-8 engine. The experience planted the seed to test the limits of horsepower in unbelievable ways. His corral of show-stopping builds provides evidence of the wild success he’s found in areas others deemed impossible.

If you have one engine, why not four?

You may know Tronson from his appearance on the History Channel’s show “Counting Cars,” where he showcased his twin-engine 1927 Model T coined “Double Trouble”. Or from his famed 1962 Ford Econoline that runs on FOUR engines capable of putting out more than 4,000 hp. He’s even engineered a four-engine Harley-Davidson after being told it couldn’t be done. It’s impossible not to marvel at the talent and engineering that goes into such spectacular builds. Tronson truly does it all and does it well.

AMSOIL synthetic lubricants keep these engines running at their peak, churning out massive horsepower. Tronson is a longtime partner and our latest featured enthusiast in the AMSOIL Company of Enthusiasts campaign.

Check out his story for a look at what makes Gordon Tronson the epitome of awesome.

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