Here’s What We’re Most Excited About for the Upcoming SEMA Show

_aw_3337SEMA is a less than a month out, and we here at AMSOIL are gearing up for one of our most exciting appearances yet. In a show of this magnitude, companies pull out all the stops in causing a splash and cutting through all the noise generated by every heavy-hitter within the specialty automotive industry. AMSOIL is poised to show up with a virtual megaphone to announce one of the most exciting vehicle unveilings ever to take place at SEMA.

With the culmination of the AMSOIL Devoted to Protection™ sweepstakes taking place right in the AMSOIL booth, one lucky winner will be handed the keys to a _aw_3346custom 1972 Mustang Mach 1. If all goes as planned, said winner will enjoy a free trip to SEMA in Las Vegas courtesy of AMSOIL to pick up the prize of a lifetime. Readers and enthusiasts will recall the announcement of the sweepstakes at the 2015 SEMA Show, and the response since has been overwhelming. Over the course of the build we documented the Mustang revival with a series of videos that can be found here, and after months of hard work it’s ready for the open road.

The moment we’ve been waiting for has nearly arrived. The grand-prize winner and first-prize runner-ups are in the process of being drawn and notified now. One lucky winner will experience SEMA in a way no one else has before, driving off into the sunset behind the wheel of a custom American classic. Will it be you? Stay tuned and find out.



  1. I remember the first time my friend told me about Amsoil. Told him that it was way too much and other things. He bought dominator for his quad after it was rebuilt for the second time. After so many hours of run time. You’re supposed to rebuild it again. And he went way pass that time. Came over to his place when he was taking the quad apart to rebuild. When he pulled the head off. It looked like when he first put it back together. After that I was sold. Now that is what I run in all my toys.

    1. Thanks for reading and sharing your story! We love hearing how our customers came to find AMSOIL and how it’s improved the longevity of their equipment. Many of our customers become enthusiasts after witnessing the benefits either firsthand or through someone they know.

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