Menzies Credits AMSOIL With Saving Racing Engine

I’m headed to Crandon, race fans.

If you didn’t know already, I kind of love off-road trucks. Every Labor Day weekend, off-road race fans travel to the mecca of short-course off-road racing – Crandon International Off-Road Raceway in Crandon, Wis., for the Crandon World Cup Championships.

And, fresh off his Vegas-to-Reno win a few weeks ago, Bryce Menzies hopes to keep his winning streak alive by taking the checkered flag during this historic weekend. On his way, Menzies stopped by AMSOIL headquarters in Superior, Wis., for a visit.

First, see how he feels about breaking records below.

A little detour on the way to Crandon

Menzies and crew stopped by AMSOIL on Monday, Aug. 26 to tour our facilities, meet employees and see firsthand where the synthetic lubricants that protect his truck and UTV are made. The team has already been out at Crandon International Off-Road Raceway testing Menzies’ Pro 4×4 truck for the upcoming World Championships Labor Day Weekend.

Accompanying him was Tiffany Stone. You may remember her from “AMSOIL Afterdark” at King of the Hammers. Or maybe you’ve seen her interviewing rally racers at ARA races. She’s also an avid off-road enthusiast who loves to take her Jeep Wrangler off-roading. She’s headed to Crandon as well to (hopefully) interview Menzies on the podium.

Check out a few images from their visit below.

AMSOIL saves Menzies’ engine

While meeting with AMSOIL President & CEO Alan Amatuzio, Menzies explained how AMSOIL products saved his engine during his recent win at Vegas-to-Reno.

A broken fan caused engine temperatures to reach 350°F (177°C). After stopping in the pits at about mile 40 to replace a melted actuator, Menzies completed the remaining 400 miles to finish (and win) the race. AMSOIL protected the truck’s engine to allow it to continue running smoothly.

AMSOIL synthetic racing oil

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Can’t make it to the races? Check out all the action on the event’s live page. And, as always, tune into our social media channels to see what Team AMSOIL is up to at the event.

We’ll see you at the races!


  1. I can attest to the toughness of AMSOIL! I have a 77 Bronco, which is my daily driver, and recently experienced the incredible protection it provides. It has a 302 with 350 hp, and while traveling to Oregon for a business trip, I experienced a detonation problem that was caused by a bad distributor. I had changed distributors because I was tired of changing modules that were failing in the Mallory Unilite. The new distributor was a Pertronics distributor that failed to hold time after only about 6,000 miles. Unfortunately for me it was while I was about 300 miles from home. I drove it the entire time I was in Oregon, about 3 weeks, while attending a gunsmithing class. I drove it almost all the way home, and decided to tow it the rest of the way, once I got within a couple hundred miles from home. Total miles while detonating was about 500. When I disassembled the engine, I was amazed that there was not more damage. It still had cross hatch marks in all cylinders, and the amount of metal was minimal. I lost the #1 and #5 crank shaft journal which they share. My engine builder, Angie Bolla, of Dave’s Engine Machine, builds high horse power, street/ strip engines. She was as amazed as I was. She kept asking me “how many miles did you drive it this way”? All I know is AMSOIL is the best oil available, and I will never run anything else! Thanks again AMSOIL for making a product that does exactly as described!

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