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Did you know AMSOIL is the official oil of the Motorcycle and Marine Mechanics Institutes (MMI)? As part of our partnership...

April 5, 2019

Did you know AMSOIL is the official oil of the Motorcycle and Marine Mechanics Institutes (MMI)?

As part of our partnership with the Tech Force Foundation, AMSOIL provides sponsorship dollars to students participating in these programs in both the Orlando, Fla., and Phoenix campuses.

Committed to FutureTech Success®

FutureTech Success is an industry-wide campaign that helps bring the technician shortage to light. Employers face serious competition when recruiting talent, and they’re struggling to find skilled technicians to hire. TechForce looks to fill that gap, supporting those who want to pursue careers in this industry through their schooling at MMI.

MMI graduates achieve success

MMI is dedicated to providing its students with technical education and skills required to diagnose, service and repair motorcycles or marine equipment. Graduates from these programs have the opportunity to work hands-on with some of the best motorcycle and marine brands in the world as well as professional race teams. Mechanic Derik Dwyer of GEICO/AMSOIL/Honda graduated from the MMI classroom and now tunes bikes for professionals Jeremy Martin and Christian Craig.

AMSOIL also assumes an active role in MMI’s lubrication and chemical training curriculum. AMSOIL products are present in all motorcycle and marine classrooms, showing students the value of synthetic lubricants.

Shop AMSOIL Motorcycle Products

Shop AMSOIL Marine Products

Providing help to those who need it most

Currently, AMSOIL scholarship dollars assist students through the “Strong Start” and “Life Happens” awards. Strong Start awards assist students in financial need at the start of their MMI schooling. Grants may cover expenses incurred from relocating and initial 30-day start-up expenses. Life Happens emergency funds assist students in financial distress who need assistance to stay in school.

These funds have helped hundreds of students pursue an education as a motorcycle or marine technician. Check out what one student has to say below.

Interested in a career in a technical field? Find more information on TechForce’s FutureTech campaign here. To find our what program is right for you, take UTI’s survey here.